The Girl at the Fair – Preety Hazarika


The girl at the fair - preety hazarika 1There he comes

I could see all the eyes turn.

With a pleasant smile on his face

That made him glow more than the sun.


He sat beside me

Holding a gift.

He wanted to say something

My heart missed a beat.


“I saw someone at the fair”

“And she took away my heart”

I could hear no more

My heart had just faced a dart.


“She was an angel”

“And fairest of the fair.”

Oh God, how I hate her,

The girl at the fair.


“Can you do me a favour?”

“And help me to find her.”

“When you do so,”

“Tell her that I love her”


I smiled as much I could

To stop my tears

I nodded to say yes

Ready to face my worst fears.


“I have captured her”

“In this canvass”

“Please open it after I go”

“And find me the pretty lass”


With trembling hands

I picked it up to see,

The girl at the fair,

Who snatched him from me.


I opened it

And cried more

Because, what I was holding

Was a mirror.

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