The Disposable Friend

To think the world of him,
How silly I could have been,
For he was just a man,
And forever is something they never can,
I might have been his dear old knight,
But now my armor has tarnished,
It might have started with a tiny fight,
But now the love has vanished.disposable_friend

For every tear I dried,
Now every moment I cry,
For every space I filled,
Invisible is what it seems,
For every word I gave,
In silence I repay,
For every step, for every thought,
It is emptiness that I had bought.

What comes around goes around,
Away without a word,
Once you’ve been used you’re crushed,
Once you’ve been crushed you’re thrown,
There’s nothing there to think upon,
Nothing there to moan,
It has always been his unique trend,
I was just another disposable friend.

About the poet: Rupini Yogesvaran is an alumnus of the International Center for Health Sciences (ICHS), Manipal University. She is a resident of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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