Sand, Sun and Waves!


Traveling to different places and experiencing the vibe each place offers has always been my motivation to travel more and travel often. I was awestruck to the breathtaking view of Andaman Islands when the plane was landing. Viewing the serenity of this lonely island which is located at the juncture of the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea is one of the best visuals my eyes has seen till date.

We landed at Port Blair capital city of Andaman to experience the unexpected heat. Sun God was at his best, blessing us with his scorching flame. Who thought the island which looked so mild and serene was the deadly opposite when we touched it. Energy from sun fuels life on Earth. Without the Sun’s heat and light, the Earth would be a lifeless ball of ice-coated rock. Ironically the same sun causes skin cancer, tanning, burning, aging and other skin problems which is dangerous and drains out the energy from human cells. Thinking all this weird stuffs and praying that the heat would reduce we all slept tired that day with the hope of waking up the next morning to see the sunrise of this beautiful island.

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                                                 Sun Rise, Andaman

I am not a morning person. It has been years I saw the sunrise in Bangalore city where I live. So was excited to see the sunrise and it was around 5 am in the morning we reached the beach near our hotel and was surprised yet again to see the calmness of the place. The roaring sea was so calm that anybody can mistake it to be a lake!

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I took a long walk in the seashore where the wind was blowing, producing small waves. Some of these small waves combine with other small waves to form a single, larger wave which hit my legs making it sandy. The sound of the surf on the shore made my heart smile and the wind whispered don’t be afraid, the low and high energy in your life is as normal as tides hitting your legs. So sometimes just go with the waves to feel the beauty. There is nothing more beautiful to see the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline no matter how many times it is sent away! Can we have that perseverance ever? I wondered.

The sun was looking like a tiny ball at the horizon where slowly it’s rays were penetrating through the shallow clouds emitting light. Such a beauty to watch the change from tiny ball to the beast letting out its scorching heat. Everything around us gives the secret message if we observe closely. Sunrise taught me I have got yet another day to live, choose to be a scorching beast when required to protect yourself and calm down by painting the sky with orange leaving a smile behind when not!

Every traveling teaches us life lessons and this travel taught me TOLERANCE. Every situation and imagination may not be as per your wish but be tolerant enough to see what the same situation teaches you and learn from it!

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