The Coronavirus Outbreak: How to Stay Calm as it Spreads

coronavirus outbreak

Every passing day, more news and numbers are coming up about COVID-19. Several major activities are being postponed for an indefinite period of time, school and offices shutting down, big festivals, parades, and other important events are being canceled. This is surely something none of us has ever encountered before in our lives. The coronavirus outbreak pandemic has caused the whole world to shut down and stay indoors. People around the globe are suffering from stress and anxiety due to the circumstances.

Each one of us is constantly checking news updates as we check our inbox or messages. The bombardment of stats and figures, countries affected, critical and non-critical cases can cause people to become anxious and germophobes. People have now minimized their contact with others and things are quickly changing around us. The stress is unavoidable at many levels; the pandemic has affected people of all genders, ages, and ethnicities.

However, it is important to take care of your mental health as the pandemic spreads. People tend to suffer from a loss in their appetites and sleep deprivation while going through such a stressful situation. These are harmful to the peace of mind as well as physical health. It is a challenging time for all of us, but also a time to analyze our lives and self-reflect.

The following are a few ways you can stay calm and focused during these tough times:

  1. Remember that we’re in this together  coronavirus outbreak

Situations like these can trigger stress and anxiety amongst individuals. According to the latest stats, there are over 785,806 coronavirus cases around the globe and the coronavirus outbreak pandemic has affected more than 199 countries and territories. Definitely, this is a hard situation for the entire humanity, but remember that you are not alone and we are all in this together. No one is suffering in this situation alone as the outbreak has equally affected people from all social statuses, including presidents, princes, and other officials. It is expected that during such situations people might feel nervous and afraid. To calm yourself, bear in mind that the whole of humanity is a victim of the disease and that things will eventually get better with time.

  1. Limit your use of social medialimit social media use during  coronavirus outbreak

Now that we have a lot of time on our hands, our use of social media has drastically increased. That also means constant updates of what is happening, what is the number of infected people, etc. This can cause anxiety and tension, so it is recommended to limit your use of social media so that you are not fed with news every moment. The constant influx of information can cause you to get overwhelmed. For your mental peace and stability, it is important to avoid the constant doses of information via social media. There is also a lot of miscommunication being circulated online about the coronavirus outbreak and it is important to stay away from such news and not believe in everything you see or read.

  1. Follow a routinefollow a routine during the coronavirus outbreak

While quarantining or self-isolation is in itself hard to manage, only a routine can keep you mentally stable. Write down your everyday goals in a journal and follow a schedule. This will not only help you in staying more focused but will prevent you from experiencing frequent burnouts. If you are working from home then plan smaller breaks to eat your meals, take proper rest, wake up on time, and try to involve in physical activities as well. If you have a treadmill at home, walk or run for 30 minutes. Daily chores can also be introduced in your daily routines such as cleaning and cooking. For deep cleaning of your carpets, however, you can always avail of quality and safe services from carpet cleaning London.


  1. Take care of others take care of others during coronavirus outbreak

Remember that we are all going through this coronavirus outbreak calamity together; it is important to check up on your friends, family, and neighbors. Ask them how they are doing; talk out your feeling and express your support towards them so that everyone stays connected. No doubt, it is hard to visit our friends and family now, but video and conference calls can help you overcome the anxiety of being away with your loved ones. Talk to them about topics other than what is happening to distract yourself from the crisis and feel positive. Taking care of others will not only make them feel better but will be a calming thing for your own self. You can also take ideas on what others are doing to cope with the situation.

  1. Exercise or meditate exercise or meditate during coronavirus outbreak

If taken seriously, this is an excellent time to develop healthier habits. Now that you are less distracted from the outside world, you can include exercising or meditation in your daily routine. There are several tutorials and guides available online that you can follow, and take this time as an opportunity to develop a healthy lifestyle. Exercising and meditation have a peaceful and calming effect on our minds and body and make you feel relieved and happy. Exercising keeps you physically and mentally fit and healthy, and increases your immunity as well. Start your routine with a 10-minute workout or a brisk walk and increase the time every day. You can give yourself small goals, and fulfilling them every day can make you feel accomplished. You can also ask your friends to join in for motivation and fun.

  1. Be Grateful

There is no doubt that the coronavirus outbreak is a hard time but it can be taken as an opportunity to be grateful for so many things that we are blessed with. Now that our movement and liberty is restricted, we should focus on how blessed we are with all the things that we’re still able to do or which we have been taking for granted. Now that we are disinfecting everything and trying to limit our contact, we are realizing the real importance of our loved ones and the ability to live freely. Make a decision to be more grateful by taking into account the countless blessings around you; be mindful and realize that you are blessed.

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