The Birth : A Short Poem

Image Source: Babble

Here’s a li’l poem I wrote on what a baby goes through when it first enters this amazing world and the subsequent realization, growing up and nostalgia.

Image Source: Babble

Lacking the faintest sense of recognition of the self..
Yet I slept peacefully wrapped in the cocoon of my Ignorance..
True Bliss with myriad dreams..
Floating like a boat on the tidal wave of peace and serenity..
My thirst was quenched..(Or was it subdued..?)
And then the weather changed..
It grew stormy, Dark and Dangerous..
Sliding out of a tunnel..
I could see light ahead..
But where was my world? The memories of a time full of love & Bliss..
And then.. Another emotion.. Fear
What is it? My chest hurt..
And then there was light.. cold & cunning..
And then Warmth..
Confusion, Grief & Fear intermixed in an immediate supernova of warmth & love..
Yet it was just an illusion.. I’ve come to accept..
Twenty odd years have passed since..
And Yet I long for the world I was once a part of..

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