Manipal DeeTeertha – Have you Taken Yours Yet?

The Manipal Tee
Source: The Testimonial Comics

I am sitting in this very famous place in Manipal where you are allowed to go all crazy. The proud name of the place is “Old Down Town” or in short “Old Dee Tee”. The best thing about this place is that you do not need to mind your manners.  The moment I enter, a whole new world awaits me, worries forgotten, drink for your success for your failures as who knows what tomorrow will be.

The first thing I notice as I enter is the darkness, it needs me a good 5 to 10 minutes to adjust, tripping over people or things and the music not helping. It’s annoying me that I have come to enjoy myself here and the dark is not helping, so I sit myself down  and notice that nothing here is organized. The whole place sounds crazy looks crazy and smells crazy.

I like observing the faces of the crowd. After a tiring week with lectures and assignments and tests, the tired students pour into this place to forget everything and concentrate on enjoying themselves. A devious thought jumps in to my mind – what if I call up some parents and ask them to show up here? Ah! that would be some scene to joke about in college!!

The crowd is loud and all rowdy, but not a nuisance and surely nothing to be scared of. The waiters are all as laid back and relaxed as if there are giving tough competition to the crowd around. They have a uniform too especially the managers all dressed up in white shirt and black pants. Way too formal for a place like old Dee tee. But who cares!

Amidst all the chaos they go about their job, sometimes shuffling the drinks of different tables. But the tipsy crowd doesn’t notice, after a drink or two everything starts tasting the same. People are sitting around casually dressed and legs folded enjoying the loud music, the drinks.

The Manipal Tee
Source: The Testimonial Comics

Girls are as comfortable with guys as the guys with them. Forget about what your parents have taught you of to staying away from the opposite sex. All living a dual life, one in front of the parents the society as a dutiful daughter and the other as a happening and fun loving girl who loves breaking rules (Of course, this dual personality thing goes for the guys as well). Nothing is a secret here, everything is out. And the music is so loud that you are shouting and talking at the top of your lungs, nobody minds though because everyone is doing the same. No doubt the next day your throat will become hoarse and croaking. You can listen to your friends talking as well as the next table people too. And yes people are banging their heads and trying to lip sync the song playing from the dj’s console. You tend to confuse your drink with others and people are stumbling to the bathroom for confidential reasons. And the best and the worst thing is that you break the promise made to yourself before entering that you will only have drink and will prefer to get high on music. Once you drink you keep on drinking .You cannot stop on one. You get sooo high.

P.S. – Sorry Testimonial Comics for plagiarizing the title – Couldn’t Resist ;P

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