Sydney Trivia

List the three main elements of the Australian flag and what they mean:

  • The Union Jack in the upper hoist quadrant or first quarter (also know as the Canton), denoting Australia‘s historical links with Great Britain.
  • The Southern Cross in the second quarter (also known as the top or head) and fourth quarter. Consists of five stars in a more or less kite-like pattern
  • The Commonwealth Star or Star of Federation, central in the third quarter or lower hoist, has seven points to denote the six states and the combined territories of the Commonwealth.

What month is the coldest month in Sydney?

  • July

What year did Sydney last have snow?

  • 1836

What are Australia’s national colors?

  • Green and Gold

What is the name of your favorite didgeridoo sound?

  • Any answer is OK from the following: Kangaroo Hop, Dog Bark and Growl, Kookaburra, Tightening and Loosening of your lips, Expel the air in your mouth, Tongue Roll, Hornblast or Toot.

If you wanted to take a train from Circular Quay to Town Hall how long would it take?

  • 5 minutes

What is the name of the architect that designed the Sydney Opera House?

  • Jorn Uzton

 How many market stalls are the in The Rocks Weekend Market?

  • 200

Who inhabited The Rocks area before the British arrived in 1788?

  • The Indigenous Cadigal

What is the local nickname of the Sydney Harbour Bridge?

  • The Coathanger

Who was Darling Harbour named after?

  • Lieutenant-General Ralph Darling, who was Governor of New South Wales from 1825 to 1831

What is the name of the pedestrian bridge at Darling Harbour?

  • Pyrmont Bridge

What is the name of the fastest boat in the world housed at the Australian National Maritime Museum?

  • Spirit of Australia

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