Surviving South India

Okay so there was this article recently on ManipalBlog about how someone from South feels in the North.

So here is my effort to set the record straight..

I studied in KMC Mangalore and at 18 the place seemed like it was on Pluto. I mean the good old railway took a grand 40 hours to deliver me to this place that seemed like it was an agar plate, for all I could see around was this green algae or moss nurtured by rain that belied the term raining cats and dogs.north-indian-vs-south-indian

So got thrust into the KCET batch and lo the funny questions began…

What is your name???

Satyam…   Oh you mean Sat(H)yam… I was like no Satyam…

Where you from??

Chandigarh….Oh PGI…well hell Chandigarh has lot more to it than PGIMER.

So you are Punjabi???

Ya…. So where is your turban???

Well not all Punjabis wear one…

You’re Dad is into agriculture Han????

No my Dad is a Pediatrician…. there are enough professionals up North please….

And so the conversation would go on… I guess there are enough misconceptions that people down South have about people from north and not all hold back while putting them out in front of you.

Let’s blame it on the vast size of our country and its immense diversity that two parts North and South of Vindhyas know so little about the other. After all Tehran is closer to Chandigarh than Chennai.

By the way just want to mention Masala Dosa is a favorite and I could kill for authentic filter coffee… Ultimately its all about the person. Good and bad people abound in both North and the South.

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