Have Success in Your Life and Change The Way You Think

success in your life change the way you think

To guarantee any form of happiness or success in your life you must first change the way you think from negative to positive.

Have you ever heard the saying you are what you eat? Well, that is just about as true as you are what you think. Take a look around you where you live, your spouse (if you have one) and the job you do, you have ‘thought’ these things into your life because before you first obtained them you had to think about them first.

In this article, you will learn that success is gained when you change the way you think. You will be given the necessary steps to change the way you think. That means learning the basic fundamentals for success.


Negative thinking is believed to lead to non-productivity, laziness, and failure. So if this is the case in order to succeed you need to think positive, this can make a big difference in your life. If this is true, whatever we think about (often enough) becomes real in our lives then why not think yourself to success.

Negative thoughts make you feel a certain way, you may feel down, sad, angry, anxious, or angry and you can use these feelings as an indication that you are thinking about something negative. You can use this as a cue to take action. Over time you will become more aware of this so will be able to make the necessary changes to change the way you think.


Anytime negative thoughts enter your mind replace them with positive ones. Negative thoughts produce the way you feel and to experience a feeling you must first have the thought that produces it. So if you haven’t guessed it yet feeling bad about something is a direct result of what you are thinking.

Think about all the great things you want to be do and have in your life. By this I mean replace your negative thoughts with the good things that you have in your life, like your children, family, or loved ones that you have. You can think about the things you want to achieve like success in your business, health, wealth, the dream home, or whatever you desire that is good.

One of the basic fundamentals for success is changing the way you think, another way to look at it is like this, you don’t have more problems than other people – you just think about your problems more often.

So if you’re serious about changing your life, you must first change the way you think!

7 Practical Positive Thinking Tips Just For You

positive thinkingPositive thinking is one of the most important elements in our life. It helps to maintain good relations, improves the productive atmosphere, and helps in developing a better attitude towards life. People who usually wake up each morning with a feeling as heavy as lead, are those who dwell more negative matters. Their view of life is a box full of problems, which makes them more hassled than any normal person, who starts the day with positive thinking. These stressed people have a lasting glare on their faces and have not remembered how to smile properly.

Nowadays, with this not-so-perfect world, we can even have a great and wonderful day- every day. There are many practical positive thinking tips for each and every situation that we face every day. Here are 7 positive thinking tips to start a fresh and positive day-

Whistle a Happy Tune

Happy whistling may have its birth from a children’s song, but it also has its equal share in dispelling negativity away. Whenever we have to present something or for certain situations, we generally have cartwheels running in our stomachs without proper breathing. If we murmur one of our favorite happy songs, immediately we can find nausea dissolving and confidence returning. This positive thinking tip is very much useful when we feel sad, angry or anxious and quickly reinforces positive thinking and positive emotions.

Surround yourself with motivating and positive people

Usually, people say that success is built when we speak or surround with positive or motivating people. When they continuously speak positively, your mind reactivates and energizes with positive thoughts and so you will be re-activated positively.


To improve your happiness, we have to incorporate gratitude from small aspects to bigger ones. Realizing first that we have to be thankful for what we are having and be happy for all our achievements is the secret of success. This is one kind of positive thinking tip, which can be found out in each and every aspect of our life.

Start everyday by visualizing success

We have many achievements in our diary, from our birth to getting a graduation certificate and so on. Different people have different achievements. Make it a habit to remember those every day. We have to be in a winner’s mindset as we start our day to reduce the negative feeling. Unfortunately, if something happens, make it a habit to take it in a positive way and think of it as fortunate.


Success is the reverse side of failure and we learn to be the best from our day-to-day mistakes. Never give up. Push yourself beyond the limit. Always focus on the goals and never give up and lose a single opportunity. Give that extra effort and that extra try to reach goals. Written goals are more effective than visualized goals. So, pen down your personal and professional goals and prepare your mind with positive thoughts to reach all those goals.

Be a leader

think about successTaking charge is another way to improve positive thinking. Where ever you may be, always take the chance to speak out and inspire others to become positive. Becoming a role model and inspiring as many people as possible will help you in establishing steps for success. Be proactive, don’t wait for things to happen, keep one step forward and make things happen. This is one kind of positive thinking tip, which will be difficult when you start for the first time but can be easy once you practice it daily.

Proper workout and proper food

For a fresh, active, and positive mind, working out and proper food is a must. Give yourself a perfect start for the day with meditation or any kind of workout, which you are comfortable. Have proper and small meals many times a day to improve your metabolism. This is the last and the easiest positive thinking tip, which can be possible by everyone.

Use these effective positive thinking tips that bring results much more than just replicating a few positive words or always reminding yourself that everything will be alright.

Always have these tips in your pocket even the circumstances around you are not that good as you wish to.

Start today, start now!!

“Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results”

 ~Willie Nelson

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