How to Make the Most of Your Autumn

Autumn leaves
Photo by Timothy Eberly

No time of the year beats autumn to make the change that matters, a change in pace, a change in lifestyle, anything at all. Autumn breathes change. It signals the coming of the holidays, crispy air starts blowing, leaves get warmer and tremble more, as if expectant of a major disruption. If you’re looking for ideas on how to make the most of this autumn, here are some to get started with:


Helping others will make you feel good about yourself. It also provides assistance in the critical moments of those who need your help. Generosity doesn’t have to involve money. In fact, looking at it that way is very narrow, and is what holds many people back from engaging it more often. You can be generous by volunteering at a local non-profit, or giving out food items and fairly used clothes to orphanages, or anywhere else they are needed. If there’s a perfect season to start turning the wheels of generosity, autumn is it.


Our subconscious has a lot more control over our daily activities than we give it credit for. If it’s filled with negative thoughts, it will reflect in your daily routine and how you relate with people. This autumn, intentionally start a routine to expose yourself to positive, uplifting content. One major source of negativity is social media, especially with the appearances that people create. To avoid, you can designate entire days and times when you completely disconnect from social media. Try to communicate with loved ones the way you would if there was no social media. These days, people treasure it more, because social media makes communication so easy and costless.


Another good change you can start in autumn is exercising. You can commence outdoor workouts like walking, hiking, or bike riding. These activities are very enjoyable during this season. You can also get a gym subscription that is budget-friendly and close enough to your home. Some gyms even offer exercise classes and group activities. If you prefer to work out alone, you can buy yourself a stationary bike and mat, then follow exercise channels on YouTube for your daily routine.


No two diets are exactly the same; they can differ based on our unique nutritional needs and preferences. Even at that, there is always room for improvement. You can consult with a nutritionist on the kind of diet that is ideal for you. They will work with you to create diet plan that suits you. tweaking your diet might involve making changes like eating smaller portions, resisting peculiar cravings like pastries and chocolates. “Do not eat more than you can lift”, these are not stupid people quotes. It might not be easy, but your food is your medicine, too much of it is unhealthy.The first beneficiary of a diet change will be you.

Autumn is like a new diary where you control the narrative. Today, you can start writing a new story with the suggestions above. Feel free to tell us about your progress so far and suggest other changes in the comment section below.

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