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In general it is very difficult to have positive thinking as most of the time our mind is tormented by negative thinking and bad things happening to us, wherein we forget to take note of good things happening around us. The worry of things to do and things and actions that are anticipated, sideline the good things occurring to us. But most of the times the things we worry about never happen.

Most of the people feel that it is difficult to control what goes on in the head. To change this, the only thing you have to change is your own perception of the world. Wonderful things already exist in your life. It’s just that the negatives seem to outweigh the positives. The trick is to pay more attention to the positives. If you keep a positive attitude, little by little your life will improve until, one day you’ll realize that indeed you could count more reasons a day to be happy than sad, that the good things in your life far outweigh the bad. To start with, just go on noticing the happy things happening around you. In the beginning you may find this exercise difficult to do. As per our attitude most of us take our good fortune for granted; sometimes we don’t even notice them. Think of all the good things that happen in a day and go to sleep rather than worry about bad things and have a restless night. Tell yourself, your life is happy and eventually, it will be.

Affirmations are strong, positive statements are extremely powerful and easy to use. The amazing thing about them is that you don’t have to believe them in order for them to work. Try to see all the things which are good around you. Try to create a healthy body. Be a powerful and loving and caring person. Try to be less confused and depressed. Try to eat healthier food, which in turn will keep your mind more healthy, and rich with positive thoughts. Positive thoughts and healthier habits can only add to your well-being. Find the good in the bad. Sometimes crisis can also be made into an opportunity. Opportunity to learn and grow, is also an opportunity to examine and improve your life.

You cannot pretend that darkness and sadness do not exist in life. On the contrary, it is actually dangerous to deny their existence. It is important to remember that there are always two ways to experience the pain and sadness in life. The first is from the position of “why did this happen to me?” attitude. The second is from the position of affirmation and firmness: “Yes, this hurts and I will allow myself to experience the hurt. Then I shall go forward and see what I can learn from this experience that will help me grow into a more beautiful and loving human being. I shall find something to learn about this painful experience.”

The freedom of the human mind gives him the chance to choose his or her attitude in any given set of circumstances to choose one’s attitude or action. All contacts and things around us teach us something about life, more so by the things around the office and the house, by our co-workers, our friends, our family and specially our children. The beauty lies in learning the happiness in life than sadness or negativity or pain. You can have a positive influence wherever you go, if the message you communicate is that life is beautiful. It is better to teach the children at an young age to notice all the beauty that surrounds them. Make sure that the people close to you know how wonderful they are and how they are already contributing to the world. Compliment them, cheer them on, encourage them, support their positive effort in any way you can. Sometimes we get so caught up in criticizing each other, that we forget to applaud the beauty and kindness, in those we love. If you want to be happy, teach others around you how to be happy.

Every minute of every day brings us the opportunity to create happiness in our and other peoples lives. We must remember that happiness does not come to us from somewhere or someone else. It comes from within yourself. Most of us get so caught up in the hectic pace of our lives that we forget to take any relaxing time for ourselves. We then become so depleted, cranky and irritable, that we detract not only from our own happiness but also the happiness of other around. People who are too religious tend to be serious and they get involved in systems and theories and philosophies that they cannot get time to be happy. People who are down-to-earth can be happy than people with systems and regulations and restrictions. So freedom of mind is very important for total happiness.

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