Student expectations

Image via WikipediaStudents will

  • Attend all classes on time.
  • Be prepared for class with the appropriate materials and homework completed. Students will not participate in cheating or plagiarizing their work or the work of others.
  • Be honest with all staff and students.
  • Express themselves without the use of profane language or offensive gestures.
  • Participate in positive group activities and will not be involved in any swarming, bullying, intimidating or harassing of staff or students.Show respect for others by not participating in teasing and ridiculing
  • Show respect for others by not wearing clothing with inappropriate messages (i.e., profane language, racial or sexual references, references to alcohol/illegal drugs or gang related).
  • Respect the personal property of others.
  • Respect and follow direction from all staff of the institution/University .
  • Respect the safety of others by not bringing real or imitation weapons to institution/University or in the hostel/campus.

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