Trekking Plans This Summer? Here’s Your Checklist!

Travel Backpack

An increased awareness has made many, especially the young in India, opt for adventure trips, the most common being a simple trek. With an emerging trend of travel insurance in the Indian market, more and more people are turning to adventurous trips at least once or twice a year. So, a checklist while going on a trek this summer must essentially cover the following (among the items to be carried, some are essential and the others recommended).

  • Water bottle is considered to be a saviour in many ways for a hiking trip! When one hikes, the body dehydrates which may not be noticed as the body does sweat even in colder climates. A sturdy water bottle with refills from clear natural streams will be a great help especially when far away from a water source and the body craves for water.
  • Munching items such as dry fruits, chocolates or energy bars as energy tends to be low when trekking. Backpacks are useful to keep essential items packed in an orderly manner. Trekking shoes or hiking boots help if they are of good quality and provide comfort for the long treks. A Swiss knife comes in very handy; so does a torch-light or a flashlight.
  • These being the essential items, a few items like hand sanitizers, track pants help in making the trek safer and even more comfortable. Getting travel Insurance to cover the trek is also a must-have.

Why You Need Travel Insurance before Trekking

Most insurers cover risks related to different types of treks. Until recently, travel insurance providers offered only a personal accident cover, without looking at possible risks associated with adventure travel. Today travel insurance companies offer a risk cover, hitherto unheard of coverage for a helicopter evacuation, accident hospitalization and even payment of EMIs when the insured is incapacitated due to the injury covered. Some insurers have introduced what is titled as Global Personal Accident plan. This is part of a new development to cover the changing lifestyle risks of a select few. The premiums are of course competitive and high, but so is the coverage of unheard of complications that may result from a dangerous adventure.

The conditions laid down for such policies are strict. The travel insurance policy holder must personally engage in any adventure sport but under guidance of a professionally trained instructor. An insured not adhering to these conditions and gets injured using the services of a non-certified professional instructor does not get any compensation. This is done to ensure that requisite safety measures are taken before anyone indulges in adventure sports. Thus, a trekking Insurance though not very popular now, may join the list of essential items to be ticked when planning a trek.

Your Summer-Trek Checklist

A successful trek depends also on how the packing is done. A rucksack most efficiently packed prepares one for the rugged travel. The clothing approach for treks involves water proofing, lightness of wear and wind resistant outer wear. Fancy trekking equipment may not be ideal for a mountain trek as the local conditions do not permit anything other than rugged clothing, meant to protect the whole body. Extra warm clothes are a must as most treks involve heights and elevated places where temperatures drop; it is advisable to carry separate set of clothes and sheets for the night; a clean and waterproof sleeping bag is an ideal item to carry. As the trekker goes higher, protection against a warm sun for the skin and eyes become important. So, sunglasses as well as sunscreen ointments are recommended.

Smart backpacking along with a focused approach to enjoy the trek will help a trekker achieve his objective. So, get yourself covered with travel insurance and set out on a journey of exploration!

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