Environmental Management System at Manipal University

As you are aware Manipal University is engaged proactively in protecting and preserving our environment. Manipal University’s endeavors towards a green Manipal was further strengthened by its adoption of an Environmental Management System in line with ISO 14001:2004. However as a part of continual improvement, the University recognizes the fact that every individual has a key role to play in maintaining this system. In this context an Information Pamphlet on MU’s efforts towards a green campus will be distributed to all households within the campus.
Manipal University Environment Policy
The below are the voluntary innovations practiced at Manipal University to make our campus sustainable and green.The purpose is to create awareness amongst all members of the family. Feedback mechanisms to capture your valuable suggestions are also put in place as indicated in the pamphlet.
Environmental Policy: Which is a commitment given by the Top Management of the University which emphasizes Manipal’s endeavor to prevention of pollution, use of clean & safe technologies, commitment to sustainable development, legal compliance, education & creation of awareness.

  • Establishment of an Environmental Management System as per ISO 14001:2004 
  • New and power efficient air conditioning systems and lighting for energy conservation 
  • Vermicomposting of vegetable waste from canteens 
  • Innovative methods of rain water harvesting & ground water recharge. 
  • Recycling of entire sewage generated in the campus and reuse in arboriculture. 
  • Objectives and targets for energy, paper and water conservation. 
  • New areas developed under green cover creating an unparalleled ambiance. 
  • Maximum capture of solar energy by solar water heaters supplied to hostel blocks. 
  • Encouragement to all stake holders to be more sensitive towards the Environment 
  • New & efficient methods of management of bio medical, hazardous, & e-waste. 
  • Time has come for YOU to bear the torch of MANIPAL’s GREEN REVOLUTION!

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