Stars twinkle for Three Wishes

Savoy Pictures “Three Wishes” is a magical and romantic film that takes place in 1955. A time of hope andir?t=vishaalslair 20&l=bil&camp=213689&creative=392969&o=1&a=B00004TWZB promise. Jeanne Holman (Mary Elizabeth Masuantonio, The Abyss) is a mother of two young boys. Tom, 11, (Joseph Mazzello, Jurassic Park) and Gunny (Seth Mumy).
Raising her two young boys by herself at that time was considered uncommon. Although she knew her children were in need of a father, she was not convinced that marrying again was the answer after her husband was lost in Korea. Jack McCloud (Patrick Swayze, Dirty Dancing), roamed the counuy with his wonder dog, Betty Jane. McCloud believed in being himself.

He wasn’t afraid to be different. On his way to the cemetery to visit other Gl’s, on Memorial Day, Holman almost hits Betty Jane, but accidentally hits McCloud, breaking his leg and bringing the two together. Although he was a complete stranger, and was thought of as a bum by the towns people, Holman insists on taking him home, until he fell better.
That is where all the magic began. Two minds came together as one, through the body and soul. It wasn’t hocus pocus and a wish came true, it was feelings and thoughts coming into reality. Feeling good about yourself and loving life as it comes to you is one of the thoughts that becomes real. The film in itself gives a sense of hope and leaves a wonderful feeling about yourself.
One of the subplots the film shows is how a young boy grows up without a male role model, and how attached they become when there is a male role model around. It makes you wonder how many young children look for that love and aren’t able to receive it.
Masuantonio’s character is that of a strong and courageous women. She wasn’t afraid of what society thought of her and the way she lived her life. Swayze’s character was that of a man that many woman wish for and want. He is sweet, magical and listens to all of Holman’s idea’s.
This movie is mystical, and adequate for the whole family to enjoy. It contains family values and the happiness little things in life could bring.

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