The Path to Success

In life we get many an opportunity but we fail to see them , they come in different ways; be it in form of small packages or larger ones but each opportunity paves our way for success.

We might hesitate to take up the new opportunities coming our way as we are hesitant for a new phase and the change it will bring to our lives and more than the desire to succeed we have the fear of failure and rejections. I don’t say fear of failure is bad , it’s something that strives us to work harder but it should not surpass the desire for success and moreover passion. If you’re passionate about something your brain , body , soul – everything will work to achieve towards it. You may not get immediate results but your hard work will pay off one day .

My teacher once said, “Whenever you doubt your abilities always remember god has gifted everyone with something special, something with which they can change the world and make a difference” You may ask me, why is everyone not successful in life? The answer to it is simply BELIEF and  the power of self introspection – Its within you, you just have to find it, you have to believe yourself; that is the first step to achievement.

Many a times the opportunity is right in front of us, our next step to achievement is just right in front of our eyes but the lack of belief in ourselves and the thought that we cannot do that thing we fail to even try.

Here are some hindrances to path of success

  • Lack of belief in yourself
  • Fear of failure and rejection is more than the desire to learn and succeed
  • Comparing our lives with others – this is the most common mistake we all do in our lives – we compare ourselves, our lives, goals, comforts and lifestyles with that of other people.

Everyone is unique. There are times when some people find their goals early in life and they become successful early in life and we wonder where we are, But everyone has their own time to grow and flourish. Comparing yourself does instil competency in us but rather than gaining the competent energy by comparing yourself with others, try improving yourself. For example: give small challenges to your self periodically and try to achieve them and make a progress chart of improvements in yourself at periodic intervals. Give yourself small challenges and if you achieve them, reinforce yourself .

Our mind works by classical  conditioning just like the Pavlov’s dog. Train your mind and have a control over it before it controls you, now this is important to keep you away from distractions like T.V., internet, emotions like love, lust  that come as hindrances in the path of success. Just as the Pavlov’ s dog is conditioned to salivate every time the bell rings for food similarly condition your mind to work towards your goal. Now, how would you apply this PAVLOV theory in real life? Its simple – just see your goal every day -(for example, if the goal is to get admission into a coveted college, stick the picture of your college on the wall of your room and see it everyday until u succeed. This way you are conditioning your mind to work hard to achieve it every time you see your goal in front of your eyes.)

Now some of you students are confused what subjects to opt for– science, commerce, humanities etc.

And you may be clueless so you can start by eliminating the  choices not meant for you – if you don’t like maths physics , biology etc.– eliminate science stream. Proceeding like that will help you arrive with the one thing you like .

Now a major doubt comes – what if you’re not able to eliminate the options and can’t find a solution to that answer? Then The Question Paper is not made for you

It might sound funny but everyone has to solve a different question paper in life; maybe you got the wrong set; maybe it’s not meant for you. Search for your set of questions. Albert Einstein rightly said,

“Everyone is a Genius, but If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live it’s whole life believing that it is stupid.”

So, search your question paper for the questions you know the answers to!

  • Channel your energy It’s very important to channelize your energy in good ways to keep your mind healthy as a healthy plant reaps the best fruit, similarly a healthy mind gives the best results. Keep yourself away from negativity and overthinking – it can be dangerous!
  • Believe in the power of uncertainty – Sometimes best things happen to us unexpectedly, when nothing is certain it means every thing is possible.
  • Move out of your comfort zone  – It’s very important to move out of your own comfort zone and step into the real world.

There’s something great in store for everyone in life, you just have to open the box full of uncertainty, hard work, passion, desires and life will be an amazing journey to experience.

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