Three Kings’ holds royal weight in adventure

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I saw a powerful war drama recently , Three Kings, directed by David O. Russell takes place in Ihe aftermath of the Gulf War. Four guys set out to reclaim gold that Saddam Hussein has stolen from Kuwait. George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg and Ice Cube star in this film. Finding a map, they embark upon an adventurous journey that forces them to take their present situation into perspective.
The unexpected discoveries they encounter enable them to place human compassion into priority and in so doing they rise into heroic positions.

Archie Gates (Clooney), Troy Barlow (Wahlberg) and Chief Elgin (Ice Cube) lead an oppressed band of Kuwaiti people through the desert to reach the Iranian border and ensure these people’s freedom.
Along Ihe way, they encounter severe suffering and extreme difficulties. What is interesting though, is the way Russell incorporates comedy and human relationships into a story that is quite serious. An interesting aspect of the movie is the way the story is constructed to show what happens when modern invention and technology are introduced into the oppressed and third-world nature of Kuwait.
These soldiers go into battle riding in BMWs, Mercedes Benz, Rolls Royce, and Limousines. Kuwaitis risk their lives to salvage a few pairs of American Jeans. When captured, Barlow calls his wife for help on a cellular phone. These scenes express the spread of the American Culture to even the most remote desert.
Incorporating such scenes like these into the film offers an element of comedy. The Kuwaitis are introduced to ” A Bit of American Sunshine” (as Clooney’s character says in the movie) in the most extreme sense.
Though filmed in areas such as Niland, Califiornia; Casa Grande, Arizona; Los Angeles, California; Calexico, California; and Mexico the cinematography in the film makes it seem like you are in middle of Kuwait. The portrayal is so realistic and it shows the art of film production.
If you like scenes of bloodshed, war, and torture, this is also a move for you. There are a few quite vivid and graphic depictions of such scenes.
The one major weakness of the film is that it does not offer much suspense. When the movie begins, the audience already has some sense of what is going to happen
and that there will be an eventual happy ending.
Still, the events that occur before this happy conclusion are unique and truly emotional. I guarantee that some tears will fall from your eyes, much laughter will escape your lips, and scenes of battle and rage will keep you entertained throughout.

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