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Hearing how disappointing and worthless Wolverine and Turbo are, I chanced a look at the movies I had in my Hard Disk, rather than put myself through two hours of torture, only to watch a movie I’ve been TOLD isn’t to be watched. Anyway, that’s how I ended up watching this movie for what seems to be the hundredth time. This Sci-Fi “Thriller” of sorts has easily become one of my fall back movies, for weekends like this where I’ve got quite literally nothing else to do.

The all too well known James T. Kirk is son to one of the heroes of Star Fleet (a command set upon maintaining intergalactic peace) who dies the day of his birth, saving over 800 people. He joins Star Fleet in hopes to somehow manage to live up to the standards his father left behind. Spock, the genius of a Vulcan, witnesses the destruction of his home planet and must save the Earth and possibly the Universe from the destruction a group of rouge Romulans (survivors of the destruction of their own planet) before it’s too late.

The fates of these two are intertwined with a pure hatred and loathing for one another, and a battle for the Captaincy of the Enterprise, culminating in a friendship that would soon save galaxies and unknown worlds from destruction. Join Captain Kirk and Commander Spock in a journey through space and time and be inspired, intrigued and quite simply have your mind blown.

If you haven’t already given this 2009 reboot of the Saga that crazed an entire generation, I implore you do soon. If you already have… What’s to stop you from watching it all over again?


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  1. star trek into the darkness is pretty good!!! it has a much more intuitive storyline than the first one!!! :p watching the star wars triology now!!!

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