Some Essential Ingredients for Unforgettable Safari Holidays


A safari holiday in Africa is something which you’ll never forget; with an abundance of opportunities to explore new landscapes and spot exotic wildlife, this is the ideal destination for the adventurous traveler. Here we look at some of the best activities to take part in when on safari.

Activities on safari holidays are based on the wildlife, their habitat, the climate and the rivers. Before you choose where in Africa you want to go, do some research on the various habitats and wildlife of different countries in this continent. That way, you’ll know which animals, birds or landscapes you’re most interested in and you can personalize the holiday, by focusing your safari activities on these interests.

Gorilla Trekking in the Jungles

The mountain gorilla is one of the world’s most elusive and fascinating primates. Unfortunately, they are also an endangered species, which is why those who wish to see these beautiful creatures should do so now. There are about six hundred mountain gorillas left in the wild, most of which can be found in the Ugandan forest of Bwindi and the Rwandan Virgunga Mountains. In order to protect the species, access to the gorillas is controlled very carefully, however, it is worth going to the trouble of booking this activity, as being close up to these gentle giants is a once in a lifetime experience.

Safaris by Foot and by Boat

There is no better way to experience the wilderness of Africa than on a walking African safari holiday. You’ll have more freedom than you would if you travelled by car or by boat and you’ll get the chance to quite literally walk among the animals. However, if the idea of getting so close to the wild beasts of the African plain is a bit too much, you can always go on a canoe trip. The border waters between Zambia and Zimbabwe are the perfect place for this, as the Zambezi River offers some stunning views of the surrounding area. The canoe safaris last between three and nine days and both canoeing novices and experts are welcome. You can paddle your way down this beautiful river, admiring the exotic blend of animal, bird and plant life.
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Game Drives and Game Viewing

Game drives occur in an open top safari jeep, with an experienced driver and guide who will have extensive knowledge of the area and the wildlife which live in it. These guides are experts on the ecology of the local region and on game movement, so they know where to bring those on the game drive in order to spot the herds of animals. These drives will normally begin very early in the morning, when it is cool and quiet, as this is when the animals come out to graze and drink from the rivers and lakes. Some of the wildlife most often seen here includes elephants, giraffe, buffalo and lions. There are also night drives, which can be very exciting, as holiday makers will have the chance to observe the fascinating behaviour of the nocturnal African animals.

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