Packing Your Bags

  1. There are many proven ideas and new products that can help. Bags with wheels will spare your bag and shoulders.
  2. Pack Light! To quote travel expert Rick Steves, “You can’t travel heavy, happy, and cheap. Pick two.” Lay out the clothes for your journey and then cut the amount of clothing by at least a thirdplan for the weather and the locale. Small contingencies such as foldable umbrellas or light jackettess with a hat are a good idea for most places. Dressing in layered knits makes it easy to be ready for climate changes and to look your best unwrinkled self. Tops that you can hand launder in your room and hang to dry mean that you don’t need as many outfits. Underwear is also easy to wash. Bring a plastic bag for soiled clothing
  3. Bring comfortable walking shoes. If you purchase new ones for the trip, make sure you’ve worn them and walked at least 20 20 miles before the trip. For good measure, throw in some foot cushions from the drugstore. Bring nail clippers.
  4. Don’t forget sunglasses – for any destination, any time of year. Winter sun can be glaring.
  5. Toiletries and small appliances. Many foreign hotels have blow hairdryers, soaps and shampoo, but not to the extent that U.S. hotels do. Many do not use face cloths, so bring one if you plan to use one. Plan to bring a converter for your electrical appliances. Bring small sizes of toiletries.
  6. Handy health supplies. Take your own supply of aspirin, Band-Aids, antiseptic wipes, insect repellent, and sunscreen as needed for the trip. If you are prone to weather-change induced sinus attacks, bring over-the-counter or prescribed medications so you’ll enjoy the trip. If you or your roommate might have a snoring problem, “Breathe Right” strips can help you get your sleep.
  7. All the luggage you need. Bring a small airplane carry-on tote. Put a bright colored marker or trinket on it so you can pick your tote out of a crowd. Remember to use this tote for your essentials while flying. On tour you can use it for small items you’ll need during the day – camera, sunscreen, sunglasses, etc. Your carry-on and your wheeled suitcase should be allthe luggage you need. If you love to shop, bring a collapsible tote or dufflebag in your suitcase that you can stuff with your purchases on the way home.
  8. Great ideas! Pack old clothes and underwear that you were planning to throw away after the trip and discard them as you use them. This saves having to wash or repack them.

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