Soft Contact Lenses Care and Cleaning

contact lenses It is very essential to understand how important it is to care for your contact lenses.
It is very essential to understand how important it is to care for your contact lenses.

Cleaning your house and your belongings is not the only thing that you need to include in your agenda. There is one thing that you need to pay attention and it’s your contact lenses. It is very essential to understand how important it is to care for your contact lenses. Actually, not cleaning them can lead to many infections of the eye that can be very nasty and some – even dangerous. Reportedly, there are certain infections that can cause blindness.

As you can see, keeping your contact lenses clean and sanitized is crucial. How you should clean them, however, is very confusing, as there are a variety of products for lens care.

It is very essential to understand how important it is to care for your contact lenses.
It is very essential to understand how important it is to care for your contact lenses.

Lens Care and Cleaning Guide:

  1. Before you use your contact lens, no matter if you want to remove them from your eyes or the other way round, always make sure you wash your hands well or you may transfer germs and dirt to your eye, which can lead to infections. It is a wise idea not to use moisturizing soaps. After that make sure you dry your hands well.
  2. Take one lens and use a solution to clean it. The market offers a full range of lens care products and your lenses probably came with a list of instructions, so be sure to check them out first.
  3. How does using such a solution help? It will remove all sorts of debris, cosmetics, and eye-produced buildup that can cause discomfort.
  4. What is the best way to clean your lenses? By rubbing them in your hands. Just add a few drops of lens cleaner in your palm and rub gently one lens, then the other. Even if the product says you don’t need rubbing, it’s still a good idea to do it.
  5. Repeat the procedure one more time.
  6. Proceed to rinse. You should rinse really well.
  7. Now put back your lenses in their case (but be sure it is clean before you do that). Add fresh solution to the holder. Check your package for more details about how long your lenses should be left to disinfect.

Sanitation is an important step, as it kills microorganisms. This is why you should disinfect your contact lenses as many times as the instructions say. Not to mention, you should always clean and disinfect these products if they are involuntarily dropped on the ground.

What Products to Use

Daily cleaner: this product is designed for lens cleaning and can be used on a daily basis. Just follow the procedure steps described above on how to use such a cleaner.

Saline solution: this product is designed for storing contact lenses and it can also be used for rinsing. It is applied only if you use a UV or heat disinfecting system.

Hydrogen peroxide solution: this product has many uses. It is designed to help clean, rinse, disinfect and store contact lenses. There is a basket where you put your lenses and rinse them. After that, the basket should be put in its cup. You need to add the solution to the cup, then wait.

Multipurpose solution: as it name implies, this product has many uses too. Generally, it can be used to store, clean, disinfect and rinse your lenses. You should follow the instruction provided by the manufacturer to use this cleaner. The best part about it is that you need no other lens care products.

There also are cleaning devices that use different methods. Some have ultraviolet light, others use subsonic agitation or ultrasonic waves. If you are using such devices, be sure to follow the directions provided by the manufacturer.

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