Benefits of Becoming a Contact Lens Wearer

contact lens
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Getting contacts for the first time can be daunting. The mere thought of sticking your finger in your eye is enough to make you stick to glasses. Nevertheless, it’s not as scary as you think, so if you are unsure, there are a few things that will calm your fears. To that effect, check out some of the benefits of becoming a contact lens wearer.

contact lens
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Increased comfort

While it may sound a little uncomfortable to place an object directly on your eyeballs literally, it’s not bad at all in reality. The truth is, you’ll feel normal after a while because you won’t even notice you have them on most of the time. Unlike glasses that involve the slight discomfort of placing a frame over your nose with handles on both ears, contacts, such as clariti toric xr, won’t make you feel uncomfortable. But, there’s a chance they can be a bit awkward if you don’t place them correctly.

A full field of view

One of the areas where contact lenses beat glasses hands down is the field of view. The way glasses are designed, they mainly aid your central vision. That’s because most of your daily tasks occur right in front of you, e.g., reading, driving. However, when you need to engage your peripheral vision, your eyeballs turn, but your glasses don’t turn with them.

So your eyes are technically on their own without support from the glasses if you need to take a side view. Also, the frame can impair your side/peripheral view. Contact lenses, on the other hand, offer you a full field view. You don’t have to turn your head or your entire upper body to glance to the side.

They don’t break easily

Another benefit of wearing contact lenses is that it’s not particularly easy to damage them.

Compared to glasses, both the frame and the glass itself is prone to damage. You can accidentally fall, drop them from the top of the stairs, or even sit on your glasses. Once the frame breaks, you might have to go through the hassle of getting another frame that fits your glass lens or purchase a new set altogether.

With contact lenses, you are free from accidental damage resulting from slips or falls. While contact lenses are not resistant to damage, it’s a lot harder to break contact lenses than glasses.

Ideal for exercise and sports

If you wear contacts, engaging in your sports and other high-energy activities becomes a lot easier. Altogether, you’ll have a lot more freedom to move, as well as added comfort. You don’t have to remove your lens to clean off your sweat repeatedly. You equally don’t have to worry about how you’re going to keep them in place.

Is it possible for contacts to fall out? To be honest, yes. But best believe the chances that your contact lens will suddenly pop out of your eye is a thousand times less than with glasses. With contact lenses, you’ll get to focus on your game and workout more.

Contacts are more stylish.

While contact lenses are almost invisible, they sure do add to your overall look and style. They even come in different colors such as green, blue, silver, etc. You’ll quickly agree that brightly colored eyes turn lots of heads. They also don’t cramp your style. Even more, you could simply go for your natural eye color. It’s all about preference with contacts.

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