So that You Could Let Me In – Abhi Jain

Walking Down the memory lane
Brushing aside tears and pain
I knocked on doors and window panes
So that you could let me in

Never did I realize nor I said
I loved you the most ,
When your nose turned red
But I want to show you , make you listen
Every part of my soul says I am dead
Still when your eyes flash in front
Lips cease to move and senses get numb
I still live with a hope in pain
So that you could let me in

When you were crying , saying goodbye
I couldn’t understand as to why
You could never really make me feel
That your memoirs will suck my soul
Leave those wounds which would never heal
But still sometimes I shout in deserted streets
Thinking my voice will echo and make you feel
So that you could let me in

Your essence, Your fragrance
Reminds me of the endless distance
Which I have to walk down this road
But I see you smiling at the end of the road
Though the smile is a bit faint…..
I know you would let me in

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