If I Could – A Poem by Kamakshi Subramanian

If I could gather each fiery sunbeam

If+I+Could+ +Kamakshi+Subramanian
Image: Random Rambling Rants

   Blazing trails of golden flames,
I’d weave a lustrous tapestry
   Embellished with your name.

If I could collect each dewy droplet
   Poised on petals of flamboyant blooms,
I’d plunge them down a steep cliff
   To spill cascades of iridescent hues.

If I could uncoil each curly tendril
   Clinging coyly to a lattice for support,
I’d braid them each, one with another
   To form a chain of Hope.

If I could unravel the passion locked
   In the songbird’s rapturous rhapsody,
I’d blend each passionate, frenzied note
   To orchestrate a grand Symphony.

If I could know what dreams
   Make babies smile in their sleep,
I’d wish away all woes
   With one magical sweep.

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