Unspoken truth – A Poem by Rachita Singh

You have a poker face all the time
Unspoken+Truth+ +Rachita+Singh
Image: NOTaFIREexit
Lips sealed, brows raised is a favorite of mine
But it’s different when you look my way
All I keep thinking is what you would say
But even though I flinch when stared right in the eye
Your gaze is sharp, for which I yearn to live but I still die
My eyes give away my strong intentions of holding back
They flicker, they follow, and they emote to both what are white and black
Traitors could betray you and still live happily
But these traitors I have to live with and exploit them to see
Half the people I see have turned into stone
Feelings of love and passion to them are still unknown
When I learnt we all have the same end but different paths to walk
It made me realize the power of words which can get two strangers to talk
But next I learnt there were always some rules which we had to follow
Somehow I thought these rules were meant for people dim witted and hollow
For people who follow these rules are always applauded and cheered
But people who don’t are the ones who are remembered and feared
Where is the thrill in living life the way it has been lived by hundreds before?
Still there are a few who exist no longer as mortal beings; their souls bound by Amor
The vulnerability in my eyes can only be seen to those who know me since I was born
But the strength in yours can be seen by all those on whom you put your reflection on
The connection between the above contrasts is something which I can never explain
Why I am pondering on this makes me a sound a little more than insane
Somewhere these theories always justify one’s actions or words
But then again justifying yourself is an approach used by cowards

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