Sleeping on a Mattress on the Floor: Is It Okay or Harmful?

The people who existed in the ancient civilizations used to sleep on the floor. Even today, there are a few such communities prevailing in the society that sleep on the mattress placed on their floor.

After working for many hours in the day, it is natural for you to feel the softness of your bed and relaxing your body smoothly. Well, whether you believe this fact or not, sleeping on the wrong kind of bedding can have detrimental effects on your body and health. One of the best alternatives is to place your mattress on the floor and rest on a flat surface. However, this way of sleeping like your ancestors can lead to good results, as well as, negative side effects on your body and overall health.

Pros of Relaxing on the Floor

  • The main benefit of switching to sleep on the floor from your bed is enhanced blood circulation in your body. Other useful health benefits include less back and neck pain. People who sleep with their mattresses directly on the floor also experience a reduced chance of scoliosis, a health condition where the spine has an unnatural curve.
  • Is Puffy Mattress worth it? This is a common question that you might ask yourself while deciding to sleep on the ground. Since you are sleeping on the floor, your body is flawlessly aligned in a standard posture while sleeping. The body will adjust and release pressure all over the mattress surface region without the need of any additional cushioning. This ensures that you experience no back and neck pain after waking up in the morning.
  • Being near the floor offers you the benefit of accessing cooler air that will feel great and make your sleep wonderful. The fluctuating body temperature is the main cause behind your uneasy sleeping and staying awake in the night. Cooler air will monitor your body sweat that will improve your overall blood flow.

Cons of Sleeping on the Ground

  • The most common disadvantage of deciding to sleep on the floor is that you will be exposed to the accumulated dust on the ground. This can be prevented by regular cleaning of the floor and protecting yourself from several respiratory issues and allergic reactions.
  • Considering that the mattress is positioned directly on the ground, if there is not sufficient air flow, it can cause excessive heat and sweat. This may further lead to the mattress trapping all the heat and sweat, which can cause the formation of a mold layer. This layer of mold can make you susceptible to many allergic reactions, as well as, will give your body a bad odor.
  • As you are sleeping near the ground, the cold can make you suffer from illness and permanent health disorders. While it feels good to sleep on the floor during the warmer months, doing the same in the winter season can pose serious threats to your health.


Ultimately, this comparison points out that having your mattress on the floor will require some time for your body to get used to it. Keep the advantages and disadvantages of sleeping on the floor in mind while deciding to switch the places of your mattress. 

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