Ship a Car to Another State – How to Save Money

Ship A Car

Shipping a car from one state to another is less affordable than it sounds. Even when you plan to make the trip yourself, the cost of gas and stopovers can increase, especially if you have a long distance to drive.

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Nobody wants to amass bills simply by moving locations, so finding ways to cut costs is crucial. However, how do you ship your car to another state without breaking the bank? If you already have a budget you plan to maintain, this guide helps you understand how to save money without compromising quality or safety.

Tips to Save Money When Moving Your Car

Transporting a car from one state to another does not have to be expensive. You can make it affordable, if not cheap, when you know what to do. So, here are helpful tips to ease the process and save you some money.

1. Compare Quotes from Several Companies

Before deciding on which shipping company to use, one of the first steps is to get the transport price from various companies. Knowing the average cost of the movement, whether local or out of state, puts you at an advantage. Check the quality of service offered and find out what other users say about the brands.

Then, compare the prices and see what fits your budget without sacrificing quality service. Refrain from settling for less than you want; cheap services may cost you more than the transport price. If it is higher than your budget, make adjustments to accommodate the increase instead of risking the loss of your vehicle.

2. Make an Early Booking

Booking the trip weeks or months ahead gives you a head start and saves you a lot of money. You may not know it, but last-minute bookings tend to cost much more than early bookings, and this rule applies to every industry, not just the auto-shipping sector.

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The type of car or distance does not matter; even if the price is different for different destinations, the rule of reduced costs for early booking applies. You must also consider the time of booking. There are peak periods when everyone is traveling. These include the holiday seasons and summer; moving your car at such times costs more because of the high demand on travel agencies and shipping companies.

In other words, booking at off-peak periods and early is a way to cut costs. This resource explains some benefits of early booking.

3. Wait for Discount Periods

Like every company with a product or service for sale, shipping companies offer discounts or promotions that make their services cheaper. While waiting for promo periods may not always be convenient, it saves you a lot of money if you take advantage of such offers.

If your travel itinerary is flexible, research and find top-rated companies offering discounts for services and pick one for your shipping needs. Fortunately, every company does not run discounts or promos simultaneously, so you can find something that fits your needs at different times.

4. Use an Open Carrier

Enclosed carriers are those that cover the vehicles, offering better protection. That means the price differs from open carriers, which do not provide the same protection for automobiles. Many people opt for the open carrier because of the affordable price. If you do not mind the exposure and potential weather conditions, this option should fit right into your budget.

However, an open carrier is not an option if your automobile is expensive, antique, or a luxury brand. The damage will far exceed the cost of using an enclosed carrier if you expose it to the elements.

5. Move Several Cars at Once

This tip does not apply if you have only one car to transport. But if you have more than one or can find other people to merge resources with, the costs typically reduce, making it more affordable. The company counts it as one shipment if registered under one name, and the more cars there are to ship, the lower the costs per vehicle.

6. Be Flexible with Dates and Drop-off Points

The transport service typically charges you extra when your schedule insists the shipment gets to a certain location. The price increases if the location is in a less frequently traveled area. Another factor that increases the price is if you have a specific date for the shipment to arrive at that location.

However, the company may reduce costs if your dates and drop-off locations are flexible. It is best to pick the car up from their office closest to your location if you have the time. Ask them about picking the vehicle and how it will affect the overall cost.

7. Ground Transport Is Better

Transporting a car using ground transport is easy if it is not heavy. Bulky cars usually move better using ocean freights because of their weight. But that method of shipping is expensive.

Ground transport is more affordable than the rest, so it should help you cut costs. However, ensure the company of choice is trustworthy and has a record of safe and quick delivery of goods. Here are the benefits of using ground transportation for your shipment.


The tips in this guide help you save money when you need to ship your car from one state to another. Get multiple quotes, book early, use an open carrier, ship more than one car, and take advantage of discounts and promos. These are only a few ways to get the best out of your shipping journey while ensuring safety and excellent service.

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