Rush Hour IV Fan Made Fiction Volume 2


RH2 min
Graphics by Gourishankar R

James Carter’s diary

CARTER: Alright dawg thank you for looking out. We cool homie.

I cut the call and told Lee that Fling had spotted the Triads moving from their hideout to Cheng’s,a famous Chinese restaurant. 

LEE: We must not waste any more time Carter.

CARTER:Yeah lets go to the factory. Them Triads must being hanging out there.

We started snooping around the Chinese restaurant where the Triad henchmen were heading to. Lee started climbing the pipes of the restaurant like a little monkey  to get a look at the meeting between the Triad leaders.

CARTER: Aw hell nah man I am too old for this shit.I got bad knees.

LEE: Stop your whining,Carter!

Lee came down and told me about the meeting and how we had to infiltrate it.

LEE:The main leaders have left the table. They have left their money to be counted.It is the biggest evidence to prove the existence of their drug business. We should go into the restaurant.

CARTER:Alright man lets go inside.We will be needing a distraction though.

LEE:You are a walking distraction Carter.We’ll think something up.

We headed straight to the restaurant and I started playing a professional hitman for the Triads.That was enough to get past the cute waitresses

That’s what I thought…

The waitresses started kicking our asses all over the restaurant atleast breaking four tables.They were Kung fu chicks and all of them looked alike.I tried retracting my gun but it got kicked away.

Amongst the carnage that followed, I started thinking how the hell did I end up in this mess.

I must have cracked a rib and a molar filling.I then remember being thrown straight into a garbage can. After regaining some levels of consciousness, I started ranting to Lee.

CARTER: I have never been so humiliated in my life! Those girls kicked me around like I was their creepy uncle. Ahh God my ribs!.

Lee? Lee!

Lee was not around.Those female assassins had taken him hostage.

I needed to find him before they dumped him in the sewer. I picked myself up to my farm to just nurse myself back to health. I smoked a few cigaweeds to ease the pain. Weed filled and feeling like a beast, I walked straight to Fling’s. I asked for his help to bring down the Triads. He hooked me up with some fine machinery.

The FBI helped me in finding Lee’s location and he was in the sewers of LA.

He was injured but I helped him up.

LEE: They let me go for one reason. Ricky’s leading them now.

CARTER: Lee Ricky Tan’s dead. Atleast twice. You kungfued his ass remember?

LEE: No no his son Satoshi’s leading the Triads.

CARTER: Santosh? This guy’s Indian?

LEE: No Carter! Satoshi is his name.

CARTER: You know what lets just call him Ricky Junior and he wants to kill you right?

LEE: No why would he kill me?

CARTER: You killed his dad.Who wouldn’t want to kill you man!

LEE: It was an accident.

CARTER:Tell it to him when he shows you the sewers fool!

LEE:He was a lot younger than me.Before I went to Chenzhou, the orphanage. Before my father’s death, we used to be friends. I…

CARTER: Enough with the damn backstory man!. We are trying to catch someone! Dayum lets go pop this fool!.

We tailed this guy all the way back to his headquarters which was a huge mansion on this private island.

CARTER:See why I am against paying taxes. Great crime lord gets a huge mansion with four chicks protecting him. A poor brother gets a bucket of Popeyes’ chicken and a nickel on the way to the rehab center.

LEE: Lets get this over with!
We entered the mansion and spotted the female assassins. I climbed down and suddenly Lee faded away.I was on my own.Damn the weed was strong.

I started seeing things clearly. I fought with all my strength and didn’t crap out on the girls. I pretended they were men and fought.

I had to find Ricky Junior. I entered his office where he held Lee hostage.

RICKY: Put the gun down officer Carter.

CARTER:Go ahead and shoot him emo. Avenge your daddy’s death.He made me lose my job.

LEE: Mff

CARTER: Whats that. I think he’s saying shoot me.

RICKY: No one to cover your ass now eh Sam Jackson!

CARTER: Aw hell no you didn’t just chicken out Sam Jackson!.

RICKY: What you gonna do about it James?.This isn’t even your fight!

CARTER: Oh Im making it mine.

The trigger went off…

But not from my gun. Fling had backed me up

FLING:Man how could you stand tall and let that Ching talk dirty about our homie Samuel 

I ignored him I was feeling a bit shaky.

LEE: Thank you Carter! Thank you thank you.

The rest of the Triads came out to face us.But then William came with the entire police department to save us.

WILLIAM: Nice work gentlemen! Thank you Fling!

FLING: Nah call me Harold sir. We cool?

WILLIAM: Like it never happened. Get out of here.

We then took a permanent vacation. Lee hung out at my farmhouse for a few days. I had to make him try some weed.For old time’s sake.

LEE: It’s illegal. No I’m not doing it.

CARTER:How come you never told me about Ricky’s son before.

LEE:Ricky had no children. What?

CARTER:Then who did Fling ice man?

LEE: Hiroyuki Jung, a dreaded leader of the Triads. Couldnt you see?

Were you high?

I looked straight at my stuff. It winked back at me.

We looked to the sunset as I saw Lee choking to the cigaweed.

CARTER:Puff Puff give Lee Puff Puff give. Don’t eat off it.

My daddy’s badge shone next to mine.The skies became like him and it said 



(Circle Of Life starts……)


Abel Kurien

About the Author: Abel Kurian is a First-Year Journalism and Communication student at Manipal Institute of Communication. Aspiring filmmaker and writer who believes in the simple things that articulate the deepest meanings of life.

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