Reckless Driving: It’s a Big Problem – Manipal Monk

Patience. Alertness. Consideration. Common Sense.

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These are just some of the few basic attributes drivers are supposed to have as they traverse through the roads in this town. at least that was what I had thought. Now, I believe that there are some drivers who are just plain mean, rude and unnecessarily reckless. There are road rules for a reason!

For example. you are actually supposed to stop at a ‘Major Stop’! You know, that thing on the road itself, painted in white, with a solid white bar and sometimes, it even has the word ‘STOP’ on it. Please heed its advice.

Just a few days ago, this driver, came blazing down the road, while I was coming up, looked at me and calmly kept on coming. Had I not slammed on my brakes, he would have happily rammed into me. Did he say ‘Sorry”? Nope, he just kept on going, and looked at me, as if I was the one in the wrong!RTFLIP

I was in awe. Shocked, disgusted awe, because I just could not believe that that had happened. Luckily, I’m a guy who prays a lot, and luckily, God has been there to protect me from these reckless people. Did I mention, that he was ‘blitzing’ and, almost crashed into me, to turn onto a road with several road humps… Then of course there was my more recent encounter with this young lady and her white car. Imagine my shock when as I’m going around the round about – the same one I had recently been making myself use, in my attempt to ‘overcome` the fear I once had — when once again, I had to slam my brakes!

I moved off and was actually in the roundabout. when out of the corner of my eye, I see and hear the unbelievable speed of this car, and just when I would have begun straightening out to exit the roundabout, I saw the tip of the car, I pressed brakes. And this is where everything got ‘funny’. The woman, who would have just crashed into the side of my car, and ruined everybody’s day, got upset. She started swearing, as if it was my fault that she almost hit me.

Can you imagine! Maybe I‘m in the wrong, but I‘m pretty sure you’re not supposed to try to hit cars on the road!

I’m going to assume that this person, has no idea about what lanes are for in a roundabout. I was on the inside going straight, she was coming around and going straight – across the front of my car… hence why she almost crashed into me, but luckily, I braked in time. And yes folks, I was expecting an apology… something to let me know that she was concerned that she had almost broadsided my car… I got nothing. She probably still thinks she’s in the right… sigh. It must be my car…

On the bright side, I am determined to be even more alert on the road, but I have to appeal to you. Please, please have some consideration, have some patience and just don’t be that reckless… let us all get where we need to go safely!

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