Rain and Pluviophiles

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Rains are a part of our lifestyle and will continue to be so. (Especially if you are a Manipal student) Sometimes, they make our life more challenging. Then again, they make things so much better! Who doesn’t love the feel of rain droplets touching their cheeks with a relieving rhythm? After all, rain is one of the most beautiful phenomena of Mother Nature. 

     The rains bring calmness and peace of mind that you do not find during other seasons. It brings out hidden passions in some people, who consider their attachment to the rain a hobby. For others, affection and good feelings come naturally, and they cannot explain why the feeling only comes when it rains. Others love the petrichor in the surroundings when it rains. So, today we focus on the lovers of rain.

Pluviophile is a term used to describe someone that finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days. This word derives from a Latin-Greek formation where “pluvio” means rain and “phile” means lover. Sounds interesting, right? If you are a pluviophile, you’ll never miss a chance to grab your favorite novel and a cup of coffee to watch the rain droplets trickling down the glass window.

     While many think that the rainy weather is terrible and makes them unable to achieve specific goals, people that adore the rain think otherwise. They think rainy days are the loveliest days because they can do things they usually do not do on regular days. Admirers of rain see the world differently on rainy days. Interestingly, pluviophiles tend to live happier life compared to ordinary people. 

Here are the top seven reasons why rain lovers are different:

They live in the moment

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Rain lovers never limit themselves at any moment and tend to live with complete happiness levels. Rain directly connects to their joy, and just a little breeze blows away all their stress and tension. The magical sense of being able to draw their heart out on misty surfaces will leave you bewildered. Like 4-year-olds, they jump around in the rain, forgetting everything that’s happening in their lives for some time. Playing in the rain and puddles decreases all their tension. Disco? Nah. Raindance? Yipee!

They have high confidence levels

Nowadays, due to competitive lifestyles and busy schedules, everyone faces strict tests and situations in their life.

But do you know rain lovers have exceptionally high levels of confidence and self-esteem? They have good thinking abilities and can control their problems just like the rain droplets falling from the sky — smoothly! They feel pretty good about themselves, don’t mind if they look messy in heavy rain!

Their senses are deep

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Usually, rain admirers have deeper feelings because they adore and connect to the beauty of Mother Nature. Someone who’s in a relationship with nature has lucid details about everything. As they listen to the pitter-patter of the rain, the senses inside them refresh their whole body. Rain lovers are also profoundly introspective. A windy day provides the perfect opportunity to contemplate life. 

They know what the real storm is 

Pluviophiles learn the meaning of life through the rough storms of nature. They know how every leaf stands rigid in the rain, holding onto the branches when rain droplets keep hitting harder and harder.

They are hopeful and strong

They know that even the roughest storm clears the sky, the sun shines even after torrential rain, and they can enjoy the beauty of rainbows when the clouds disappear. Similarly, they stand straight against all their problems and face them with more power and hope.

     They know themselves better. Rain admirers have a keen sense of their abilities, taste, and goals. They know precisely how they are going to lead their life. Even in their saddest times, they never give up and appreciate life’s beauty. Rain immediately enhances their mood, relieves all their stress, and helps them to feel happy. 

They can keep things in perspective

A proper rain lover would never freak out about the weather. It’s a few tiny raindrops, not an apocalypse. Pluviophiles can look at the simple realities of life and build context. If you ever need someone to talk you down the ledge, these people will have you in your zen place in no time.


     Staying around these people is worthwhile because even if you don’t like to play in the rain, the joy of this person will fill your life with happiness. So, after reading this, you probably know why pluviophiles are the best. Deep down inside, everyone likes the rain, but only some express their love for it. Never forget to enjoy the rain when your life gets complicated. Just spend some time in the rain and see how all your sorrows vanish. 


About the Author: Prerna Mittal is a first-year student at Manipal Institute of Technology, MAHE.

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