Purgatory – A Poem by Shreya Gupta

Artwork by Sheama Susan Dominy (@chema_dominy)

Hush, let me listen
To your heart moan
You’re nowhere around
Yet the closest you could be

Don’t calm the demoness
raging under my feverish skin
If she claws for a way out
Gnaw at her reins, set her free

Your scent mingles
With the dew drops down my spine
This is peace, a safe place
Shackled by your arms, my purgatory.

I’m soaring, honey, hold me down
Grab my throat, leave bare kisses
I’ll not make a sound,
Tonight, I promise to just feel

Your flesh merges into mine
With every thrust, your eyes go darker
The sheets hurt now, my back is arched
I melt in you, you consume me


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About the Poet – Shreya Gupta is a 19-year old for whom writing is everything. You would often spot her with her nose in a book on a rainy afternoon with a cup of coffee, keeping her awake beyond her hours. She is from Jammu. A 1st year BA Media and Communication student at Manipal Institute of Communication, all Shreya believes in is ‘Rien n`est eternel’ which is French for “Nothing lasts forever.” She is on Instagram at @shreyaaaa_._

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