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A promotion is an activity that instigates an individual to purchase a particular service or product. Over the years, various organisations have tried different strategies to make the public fall in love with their product or service. It is so widely studied and researched that it is something that keeps on evolving. Understanding the public and how to use the resources at your disposal to persuade them is always interesting. Creating a proper promotional campaign requires some core elements to be adhered to while trying to sell your product or service.

A promotional mix includes advertising, public relations, direct marketing, sales promotions, and personal selling. Each element requires a unique plan that can accommodate and create a relationship and can persuade the consumers to buy the product.


Most efforts to publicise and make the product known to the public constitute advertising. Relatability is the essence of advertising. It depends on how the product can align and identify with its target audience. Directions for use and highlighting the product’s distinct features are all ways an advertising strategy can be devised. The strategy should be to make the product look irresistible, and there should be something that can make it the talk of town. The more creative and memorable the advertising becomes, the better turnover in product consumption.

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Public Relations

Public Relations is essential when it comes to building a brand image and the values associated with it. When it comes to building a good PR image, identifying the target audiences, and tailoring a message that appeals to them, it gives the brand a solid platform to define itself. This can come from processes such as segmentation, targeting and positioning.

This involves an in-depth study of the market. It helps to find consumers with different needs for the same product. Matching the products with the correct target group can help in cost-effective advertising and systematically help your product capture the market gradually.

Direct Marketing

Several direct marketing methods, such as telemarketing and email marketing, help to gain a wider audience for growing your business. Marketing has completely changed with the arrival of online media.

“Word of mouth” was the yardstick to measure the brand’s popularity, but nowadays, there are countless avenues where advertising and marketing can be effectively done. Many brands use networks to build interactive applications such that e-commerce can be carried out, creating more and more opportunities to stay with the wave.

Brands attempt to find a relatable element in current affairs and happenings to draw consumers’ attention to their products. Marketing works when you have diverse ideas with a strong core. There should be a transmedia approach to spreading the message across. Advertising should always be compatible with as many media forms as possible.

Sales Promotions

Sales Promotions become more helpful in establishing the brand when the advertising is done correctly. There should be a creative way to promote, as this engages the consumers and makes them understand what the product stands for. Most promotional campaigns are centred around flash sales, discounts and coupons. How it blends with the campaign is essential to increase its effect on the consumers.

At the end of the day, the ideal plan would be to incorporate each of these elements when you sit down and create the campaign. The plan should be comprehensible for the team and the consumers. There is also a great need to study what this does to the target audience. How they receive the particular campaign can help decide how to position them in the market.


Promotions should be new and exciting in application. It should not be devoid of what the brand is trying to communicate. Therefore, the utilities must be communicated effectively before procuring a budget and allocating resources. The promotions should not feel detached from the brand identity. Any sensible promotion’s core would be understanding the target audience and their interests. A promotion can bring the existing customers to continue to relate to the utilities the product offers.

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