Pride: To Everyone Who is Questioning

People are not designed to have a formula or rigid equation define them.


‘Directive?’ — Eve, Disney Pixar’s Wall E

People are not designed to have a formula or rigid equation to define them. The idea of letting go of trying to label things and remaining confused is so unnecessarily taboo. Love has been difficult to define. Under this big colorful umbrella, all of us find ourselves trying to stay covered because it feels safe here. That’s what we’ve been conditioned to believe.

The logic is simple. Much like every other variable in your life, like your meal plan, where you come from, or your ‘zodiac sign’, who you choose to love(or not) does not define you. As long as you aren’t hurting anyone (yourself included), it’s good enough. It is inherent human nature to question everything. Yet, we find it hard to be okay with ‘not having an answer’ to what our sexuality means to us, surprisingly when there’s absolutely no urgency.

It’s okay.

Your sexual identity is not a graded assignment.

There’s no problem to solve.

There is no ticking bomb.

Your confusion does not dilute the value of the struggles that have given us this freedom to be ourselves, whether we figure it out at 7 or 70.

As it turned out, it was a struggle for love.

On this occasion of celebrating love in every shape, orientation, size, and color, a very happy Pride Month to one and all.

Artwork – Varun Vyas Hebbalulu

Sagarika SatapathyAbout the Author: Sagarika Satapathy is a first-year student of communications at Manipal Institute of Communication. She is an aspiring screenplay writer and actor. She has a keen interest in the performing arts.

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