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I was told to stay away,

To keep a distance from the Demon,

To keep my desires at bay,

But was it meant to be this way?

Fate was not mine to control,

Or I guess I was only curious,

To know what lay beyond

This abyss they called the Soul.

Life for me hadn’t been much daring,

I was only a meek individual.

What was I to do when

It kept knocking; with its eyes, glaring?

‘God is love; God is great!’

Was the good-old refrain

But ‘Who’s Satan, maybe a mate?’

Asked my heart, in pain.

Alas! The Sin was done,

No longer was I pure!

The Poison slid down my throat

And then only could I know,

Why I was meant to stay afloat!

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Image source: Safal Niveshak

About the Author: Naushin Nigar is a second-year student at Kasturba Medical College, MAHE.


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