14 Photos that Define the Essence of Manipal – Ernest Edison

Are you often flooded by the memories of euphoric Manipal? Does the nostalgia of a teenage life well spent haunt you now that it’s time to leave? Here are 14 photos that reflect the life in Manipal.

The growth of the student population of Manipal, and the consequent influx of students from across the world, has increased demands for luxury apartments and amenities. In this photo, Ernest Edison captures a stunning sunset over an open pool at one of the many luxury apartments that offer stunning vistas of the Western ghats and the soothing waters of the Arabian Sea.
The Manipal skyline has changed over the years from a bald hill-top to a landscape that may even challenge well established second tier cities across the country. In this photo by Ernest Edison, Dusk settles over Manipal‘s skyline and the lights are being turned on in the skyscrapers.
No trip to Manipal, No photo story of Manipal, No mention of Manipal, is complete without a visit and a photo-op at End Point Manipal. The once barren picnic spot is now converted in to a garden with view points and cricket fields and foot ball fields. In this photo, Ernest Edison captures the beauty of End Point on his first visit.
Students residing on the western edge of the Manipal hill are provided with spectacular views of the sun setting over the Arabian sea. The green valley in between provides a wonderful contrast as depicted in this picture by Ernest Edison.
The tropical climate with the pitter-patter of the rain drops provides a good breeding ground for the flora and fauna of Manipal. In this photo, Ernest Edison captures a rainflower on the banks of the Manipal Lake.
The mêlée of the crowds in Udupi during the Janmasthami Celebrations are something that can only be felt and seen. As Ernest Edison says “This picture actually does not do justice to the frenzy and number of people who were present at the festival yesterday. “
This was also part of his photography assignment from college.
Contrast – Your Only Way Forward. This photo of an old man (probably a priest at one of the many temples in the town of Udupi) with his bicycle walking across a petrol filling station provides a contrast to the changing traditions of rapid urbanisation and the establishment of western mindsets in a town known for its rich culture!
A beautiful sunset captured from one of the many skyscrapers that have come up in this university town. in the picture, Ernest Edison frames the silhouette of a fellow student on his roof top, lost in the peace of a brilliant golden sunset.
Many buildings in Manipal show the wear and tear of the harsh seasons, the summer, humidity and heat followed by the windy, monsoon rain and thunderstorms. The homes have a beaten appearance as captured by Ernest Edison in this montage next to Karnataka Bank ATM, near cocks and mocks
No Manipal story is complete without pages and reams of stuff about the Manipal Monsoons and the quintessential Manipal Auto Rickshaws. This picture by Ernest Edison taken opposite the Manipal Institute of Communication highlights the two essential components of any Manipal Story.
A Stay at Manipal and you do not visit the beach? Ernest Edison captures the silhouette of a friend against the background of the Arabian Sea at Malpe Beach, Udupi.
Another of the pictures that are almost always a part of the album. The feet doused in the waters of the Arabian sea at Malpe.
The soothing sounds of the sea provide for tranquil surroundings to contemplate and reflect on the various aspects of the student life. Many a Manipal student is usually seen in this pose, staring into the endless waters of the Arabian sea at one of the many beaches nearby – Kaup and Malpe are the closest ones!
A last stand against the flowing tide of age! We enter Manipal as teenagers or in our early 20’s and when the time comes to leave the hallowed waters of Manipal behind, our feet remain firmly planted. Yet as the waters recede, we realise it is time to leave, but never say Good-Bye! With Manipal, there is always that one last visit!

About the Author: Ernest Edison (Eddie) is a student at the Manipal Institute of Communication. You can find more of his photographs on his Facebook Page.

All photos copyright Ernest Edison. Text and narrative by Dr. Vishaal Bhat.

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