Photography is for everyone! Can you do it?

Taken by HTC 8X Mobile Camera

Hi! You must be wondering why you are reading this article. It has just one reason, that you are interested in photography and something is holding you back.
So let’s begin with who can click pictures, the answer to which is – Everyone. Now who can click good pictures, the answer to which is also Everyone!
You don’t have to be a full blown photographer with lakhs of rupees of equipment, but what you need the most is the determination to learn the skills and the perspective with which you see things.
Have you ever wondered why does a close-up (Macro) shot of a flower looks amazing ? Well that’s because in everyday life we don’t see that flower so closely or as a matter of fact, we don’t even look at the flower at all. We are so busy in our everyday life that we are unaware of the unlimited amount of beauty around us.

Taken by HTC 8X Mobile Camera
Taken by HTC 8X Mobile Camera

A simple mobile camera can do wonders if it is held in right arms at the right place at the right time. The major advantage which a mobile camera or a simple point and shoot camera possesses is the portability and the minimal effort which is required to use them seamlessly in our day to day life.

If you think that you need a DSLR and awesome pictures can be made only through that, then you are completely wrong as its not the camera which makes pictures but the person holding it. I agree that DSLRs makes your job easy, they can give better quality images, but on the other hand, they cannot compose the image for you which is the basic essence of photography. If you learn to master the art of composition and thinking out of the box, then no one can stop you from becoming famous.

So what else makes the mobile photography better than the “professional” photography? It’s the ability to share images instantly to the world without much hassle. So next time when you go out or feel like clicking a picture, don’t think that you need heavy equipment for it. You just need to look at things differently and voila! There you get an amazing picture.

I will leave you with couple of links just to show that mobile camera is not as small as you think.
Sit back. Relax. And enjoy the beauty !


Signing off!



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  1. Mobile photography has been developed a lot in past 6 years.
    I had made the best photos of Manipal using Nokia N82 [in 2009].
    The macro shots of flowers with water drops in Manipal is still amazing compare to any other phone on the market.
    Now I’m using DSLR and a Nokia Puriview 808 right now.

    Advantage is, you can have your phone all the time in your pocket.
    You don’t need to carry DSLR all the time 🙂

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