Megapixels – Does it really Matter ?

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So the other day I was eating in the hostel mess and eating (which doesn’t happen that often, hostelites can relate this to themselves), and suddenly a friend of mine struck a conversation about how the latest mobile phone in the market has got 13 megapixels and 8 megapixels has become kind of standard in the market. But looking from photography point of view, does megapixel really matter? Let’s find out!!

So when you start looking for a camera, the things which you would have to see is not only the megapixel count but the other features associated with a camera, such as aperture, lens, and sensor.

Megapixels define only the amount of pixels present in an image, which means the size of the image and nothing more. High megapixels just give you an advantage of getting more information in an image as compared to fewer megapixels. They help you to zoom in a picture without much loss of quality.

However the actual quality of the image depends upon the sensor, the amount of exposure, the strength of light and most importantly composition or framing of the subject. Here a higher megapixel camera will you an advantage of framing a picture after it being taken with the help of cropping, so that even if you remove some part of the picture, you can still retain a sharp picture.

So this means that a camera with better megapixels is not a better camera. Even the camera which has less megapixels can perform better than a high megapixels camera. Megapixels can help you getting a bigger print on paper, but if you think that they can give you a better image, think twice!!

This photograph has been taken at 2 Megapixels and you are viewing it at a resolution of 0.24 Megapixels.
This photograph has been taken at 2 Megapixels and you are viewing it at a resolution of 0.24 Megapixels.












I still remember the time of Point and shoot cameras where 1.3 megapixels was such a big thing. Even the professional cameras had a maximum of 3-6 megapixels. The technology has evolved for the better and the scientists have been able to put more pixels into a small sensor but as always the basic essence of photography is the composition, and if it is perfect then even a camera of 2 megapixels can do wonders.

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  1. Nitish, neatly done. This is one of the most common misconceptions that people have, believing that more the megapixels, better the camera and the quality of photos. What they do not realise is that most of us never require that many megapixels for a regular print sized photo!

    good one.. hope to see more such interesting and illuminating articles on the art of photography.

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