Once upon a time, when we used to attend  college for lectures, those times that are now slowly fading into…

Too dramatic? Never mind, I’ll start again. So, remember how you slept through yesterday’s morning class and your mic was on and the entire class could hear you snoring.
When I speak about these ongoing online lectures, I think I speak for all of us here, they are boring cause obviously, it’s like being taught on a phone call for many of us. These fellows never paid attention during the actual classes and you think they’ll concentrate on online lectures where the professor can’t see or hear them? Half of them have the Netflix tab open right next to the Teams tab. Apparently some legendary students from MAHE are chopping vegetables and doing dishes while attending classes, efficiency on point!  Some doze off with their camera on, buddy, I need that confidence in life. The 100 emoji. Also, this one guy had his pet frog facing the camera instead of him, like, you my friend deserve a trophy. Slow Claps!

The classic “mute all” button move, so that you don’t have to hear the professor, and create a virtual chaos. Who says the youth of our country isn’t creative huh? They’ll reach the greatest heights and set benchmarks on ways to avoid studying. Poker Face Emoji; but yes, if you really choose to pay attention it’s not all that bad, of course there’s no person to person interactivity except for virtual interactions, but it’s also a little fun don’t you think? A weird experience but in a cool way. After all, at least we now have a hell load of stories to tell about how we studied during the pandemic and saving all this up to brag in front of your grand kids.
However, today as we are all stuck in our rooms into pools of uncertainty, we never thought that we would be missing a major chunk of our college life like this. Who would have thought of attending lectures online laying inside a blanket with a slice of pizza or a packet of chips? As comfortable and cool as it sounds, deep down we all miss the chaos in the class, we all miss those corridors. We miss those random hostel parties and we miss Manipal. Cause Manipal isn’t a town it’s a vibe! But no matter how much we miss all this, we can’t go there until life gets back on track and for those who all are stuck in Manipal, I’m sure it’s not the same anymore. The town misses us too, after all Manipalites are the soul of Manipal, aren’t we? Shoutout
These are testing times and they’ll be over soon and we hope that in no time we’ll be sleeping in our old actual classroom lectures and not during the online ones! Heart Emoji

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