Nature: Our selfless friend!

When beauty is what you have been in search of then I would say why search just look around there Is plenty of beautiful things naturally blooming its way into mornings light.


The small dew drops on the leaves or the raindrops on the flowers all have a beauty of its own that gives them the life of being alive in this world of so much cruelty and violence.


Nature has the ability to change our moods, let it be the rain which makes us cozy or the beautiful sunny day, everything has its own meaning and effect in our life and our moods.


They say that it is good for health to take morning walk on the grass and it is proven that it makes one peaceful and it helps them to start their day fresh and on a positive note.


The day starts with the morning rays of the sun and the birds singing while the flowers bud up and welcome us onto the wonderful another new day into our life.


Our chaotic life has become so monotonous that these little details of life have lost their significance and have just become a mere thing with no meaning.


The day we start to notice the dew drops drooping from the leaves at dawn, or the beautiful varied color, nature of the leaves though all of them in green but of different shade, or the smile that might appear after seeing a flower smiling to you even though it might wade off by dusk, or the changing hues of the sky, or just sitting by the window and enjoying the feeling of joy when the rain drizzles down your window panes.


All the beauty that lays around us is just waiting to be noticed and wants to be appreciated as all it does it to give and no matter what we do even if we ignore it it will still give everything it can to make us happy


Look around and enjoy the blissful nature communicating with you at all times and stay connected with it as it is our selfless friend which gives us so much in return of nothing.

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