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The HR looks after the rapport of the company. They look after the well-being of the company and the people that make the company. But who looks after HR? 

Human Resource professionals play a very essential role in the working of any company or an organization. They are the ones there with the employees, right from recruiting them to even firing them. They have it on their shoulders to make the majority of important decisions for the company. Not just that, inculcating fun and innovative ideas for a better work experience for the employees is their court too. Anyone can get a bit overwhelmed by carrying out such massive and important tasks. This is why I present to you, blogs HR professionals must read. It is in the company guidelines and everything, go check.


Evil HR Lady

Evil HR Lady, hmm, sounds a lot like Miranda from Devil wears Prada, no? Now, now, let me assure you, this blog is anything but evil. It is run by Suzanne Lucas who has been working on this blog for over a decade now. Let me tell you this, there isn’t a single HR-related topic she hasn’t covered, you will find everything here. Plus, it is very easy to understand and relate, because it comes from experience. Everything from, ‘How wellness enhances your Emotional Intelligence’ to ‘What bosses should not say when employees return to work.’ Along with blogs, you will also find podcasts here. Go, go, go, you can even ask the Evil Lady a question!

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If you’re more of an ‘easy does it’, ‘cool as a cucumber’ person, this blog is for you. The TINYpulse blog presents to you a wide variety of topics to explore and learn from. It considers every stage of cooperation, and everyone in the stage, too. Meaning, you will find blogs here that will help you as a manager, an HR professional, even an employee working from home! It tackles all sorts of issues and helps come up with innovative solutions with the same. Employee happiness, giving constructive criticism, creating a work environment with growth behind every mistake. It has it all. 


When I Work

This is the ultimate manual to being a HR. I want to say, ‘That’s it.’ and move on to the next one. But I will tell you a little more about it.

When I say it is a manual to being an HR, I do mean it. One of the main focuses of this blog is to maintain a peaceful and friendly work life for the employees. It helps HR deal with challenges, trivial and tough, both. With articles on topics like ‘20 ways to keep your employee engaged through summer’, ‘How to manage time-off requests fairly’, ‘8 ways to reduce your employee’s overtime,’ it provides its readers a variety of interesting and much-needed articles to read. When I Work is a must-read if you want to excel in your position as an HR professional.


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According to a quick Google search, peopleHum specifically aims to craft employee experiences and the future of work. So, if that is their main aim, go listen to them, no? Let me simplify it down for you, peopleHum exposes you to a galaxy of articles to read and learn from. It concentrates on making life easier for both the HR professional and the employees. It puts forward plans and ideas to enhance employee engagement and increase the productivity of the organization. It presents the articles in a fun and breezy manner. So, it’ll help you engage in the articles to learn how to engage your employees for sure. Hey, I tried, okay?


Ask A Manager

Ask A Manager, and if you don’t, I’ll tell you anyway.


Ask A Manager is a blog run by Alison Green. Ask her anything. No, not melody itni chocolatey kyu hoti hai? No. Wait, I will tell you what exactly this is by quoting Alison herself!

I am not a perfect manager. I’ve made lots and lots of mistakes, which I’ve then dwelled on obsessively, and I definitely don’t have all the answers. What I do here is try to offer insight into how managers and interviewers think, and use that to help you navigate workplace weirdnesses. So if you’re not sure what the hell your manager is thinking, or how to ask for a raise, or whether you might be in danger of getting fired, or what to do if a coworker keeps stealing your lunch…ask away.’

See? Simple. Although this blog isn’t entirely HR-centered, you will definitely find some good advice to shape yourself to be a better HR professional, anyway. I’m not even kidding, there are so, so, so many different topics here: ‘being the boss,’, ‘rejections,’ ‘job offers,’ ‘happy endings’ and everything! Super fun and informative blog, for sure.


That’s it, then. Go be the best HR professional you can possibly be. Start your own blog then. All the best!


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