To Be A Model

woman model wearing red tank satin high slit dress
Photo by Andrey Zvyagintsev on Unsplash

The following points must always be kept in mind by an aspiring model:

Be realistic with yourself.

Models are accidents of nature! I wouldn’t spend tons of money on getting a portfolio together. Just take a couple of photographs and go around to different agencies.

A modeling agency is the nerve center of this business.

The atmosphere there is charged. Phones keep ringing, and inquiries from established models, new clients, current clients, make-up artists, hairdressers, photographers, out-of-town modeling agencies, parents, and friends are always answered. It is, therefore, best to go personally after a prior appointment and meet the agency heads personally.

If patience is not your trait, then do cultivate it.

Do not expect miracles to happen. It takes time to find a suitable client. One trip cannot get you an assignment. At the same time, do not overdo the “just dropped by” exercise.

Since the waiting period is trying, give yourself a routine and keep busy. Don’t let disappointment set in, no matter how long it takes.

Keep reminding yourself that in modeling, confidence matters the most. Do things that boost your confidence.

Your professionalism starts even before you join the profession.

Over a while, some prospective clients or agency people may become your friends. This should not let you lose your seriousness or your focus. Your goal has to be clear and foremost always.

A good education, however, is the foundation necessary to ready oneself for the myriad of possibilities a fashion maven may choose from. Even if one is attractive enough for a career in modeling, there’s an entire world of creative and challenging jobs in the fashion industry that may be more diverse and exciting. Becoming a model is an exciting and lucrative career. Preparing for a lifelong career in the fashion industry is even better.

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