5 Core Qualities You Should Have To Build a Strong Career in Insurance

career in insurance

If you want to build a strong career in insurance, there are several skill sets that you should have. Insurance agents, like most salespeople, receive a lot of rejection. You should have the resilience to be able to put into context such adverse outcomes and use that to fuel your passion.

The following are some of the core qualities you should have as an insurance agent.

Passion and energy

As an insurance agent, your customers should always be able to feed off your energy. As soon as a customer sees your passion, it will make them more curious about what it is that you are so passionate about.

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To say the least, it is what most people expect of an insurance agent. If you always look tired or like you are just doing a mundane task to tick a box, people will feed off that lack of enthusiasm, and the work will become difficult for you.

Tenacity, perseverance, and patience

You have to be able to persevere through rejection, get back to the job with tenacity, and be patient about building relationships that will be fruitful in the future and not necessarily in the short term.

If you are looking at a career in insurance, rejection is more the norm than the exception, and to add to this, most people don’t view insurance agents in a very positive light. If you can handle this pressure and still be able to connect with people, then you will be able to build a strong career where others would fail and be well rewarded.

Trustworthiness is Key for a Career in Insurance

As an insurance agent, your potential clients need to be able to trust you. Some people don’t think very highly of insurance agents, and it would be in your best interest to assuage them from thinking so by being trustworthy.

You can do so by always having your customer’s best interest at heart and helping them solve their challenges. This will build a good long-term relationship and make you more successful as an agent.

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Good client service

The biggest complaint that most insurance customers have is that once they have bought insurance coverage, then the insurance agents usually abandon them, and they cannot get their questions catered to.

In this light, it should be clear that you should always be available to your clients, be honest about what you can or can’t do, and always do what you will say you will do and on time. If you can’t keep your word on something, at least explain why you cannot.

In-depth knowledge of products

As an agent, the more you know your products and their technicalities, the better for you because you can give ready answers and solutions to all sorts of customer queries and challenges without hesitation. This will make you an authority with your clients and further build their confidence that you are the right person to deal with.

Although this is not an exhaustive list of all the qualities a good agent should have to build a strong career in insurance, these are some of the more essential qualities you cannot do without to be great.

Once you have the skills and qualities of a great insurance agent, you can sell all sorts of insurance products from home insurance companies, life insurance companies, and many others. The choice will be yours, and the sky will be your limit for a career in insurance.

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