Money in Manipal – Luxury or a Necessity?

Money in Manipal

I started traveling alone by an auto when I was in the 10th grade, and then the minimum was a mere Rs.9. Time does fly when you grow up, come to MIT, and you again take an auto, but luckily every distance here is just the minimum distance, thanks to the small radius of the town and you end up paying Rs.25. Transportation costs are same everywhere in the country, so you can’t blame that on Manipal.

There are many other things which you will have to start spending on once you are here, the day you enter your hostel room, you will be getting with you a pillow, bucket, mugs, bed sheets, blanket, door mat, cloths stand all of which you can use throughout the year, and they come around Rs.2000 in total (The cloth stand itself costing you a very huge sum of Rs.800, which is a lot compared to any other city). Then comes your toiletries which may sustain for like a month or two, that would be another 500 or so. So, then your room is set.

Money in Manipal

Next day you visit the college for your orientation, and there you realize you probably need to buy a workshop coat depending on your cycle, which is Rs.350 for the girls and Rs. 850 for boys. Then you will go as all of us did to the tiny bookstore down the hill called Kamath Book Store, and we will buy books out of which some are necessary and some well not so much. These will all definitely come up to Rs.1500 or more. We are that breed which believes the bigger the books we buy, the more the marks we get. On top of this you’ll need to buy notebooks, practical records, stationary, calculator etc., all will together cost you around 1500, again the calculator will be scientific and expensive (Rs.900). Then, you take your parents to this wonder that the MARENA is and all of you are blown away by its structure and facilities. So, for those of you interested in gymming, you will be paying Rs.1500 per month to use the Marena gym. But, you can always use the gym at KC inside the campus for Rs.100 for all 4 years.

All of the above, will mostly last for your full semester but your toiletries and other stuff you can buy from Campus Stores, and that’ll probably come up to 400-500 every month. Even though we all join messes and the food court after a while, the food starts to bore us so we go out to eat. Try Golden spoon, Dollops and Saiba, they are the cheapest good quality food places, the bill will come up to 600 from like four of you. And for all those of you who like to go to the amazing clubs which Manipal has to offer, you will be spending around 400-500 on every visit.

See the thing is when we start living independently and we get a specified amount of cash at the beginning of the month, everything seems pricey. All you need to do is separate the necessary from the unnecessary. First, when you get the cash decide what the need of the hour is, spend money in Manipal on that, and whatever is left, chill out and have a ball.

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