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A snap of the 14th, 15th, 16th and 17th blocks from the MIT Food Court.

With a huge increase in the intake of students at MIT, the college has recently put up new hostels, the majority of them being for guys. The reason I say “up” is because they are “UP”, more “up” than you expect to find buildings in a town like Manipal. On first look, you’ll want a second look. A long hard second look. Because, seriously, they put most of the 5 star hotels in the country to shame.

A snap of the 14th, 15th, 16th and 17th blocks from the mit food court.
A Snap Of The 14Th, 15Th, 16Th And 17Th Blocks From The Mit Food Court.

5th and 6th Block MIT Boys Hostel

[Non-AC, Common]

Previously a freshers-only complex, these are the old school blocks. Looks that are best described as antique, these twin hostels are exactly how you imagine hostels to be. Sharing a common entrance, one to the left and the other to the right with the Adithya Mess between them, these are the blocks where all the action is. Square shaped building with a courtyard in between and 3 floors and a basement tall, these house boarders in excess of 250.This twin blocks give you the unique opportunity to share a common bathroom with more than 50 people. And it isn’t pretty.

The best feature – T.V. Room. A 32 inch T.V. in a room with a seating capacity of about 40 in a block with a capacity of 250. Put a bit of cricket into the mix and some (read all) cricket crazy people and you have the recipe for the most ultimate match watching experience. Be it the IPL or any Indian cricket match, the TV Room is always  packed. With people climbing over water coolers and 10 people sitting on benches made for 5, you would suddenly feel like you have been transported into a Mumbai local train. But trust me, every sweat in that stuffy and suffocating room would be worth it.

Low on the pocket and high on memories, this is the block to stay in if you haven’t stayed in hostels before to know what hostel life really means.

Pros – Attached Mess, Great Environment, near K.C., only first years, cheap, good ventilation
Cons – Common Bath, Lots of thievery, Horrible net speeds.

P.S. Look out for 15th August – Independence Day.

8th Block MIT Boys Hostel

[Non-AC, Twin Sharing]

A  block meant primarily for freshers (though you will find some seniors here)this is more conventional a hostel with corridors instead of the open courtyards, though every bit as good as 5th or 6th block. The only difference being the twin room sharing bath system. Only double rooms here, with a bathroom in between them being shared by 4 people, this block has the advantage of being slightly more hygienic. 4 storeys tall and having an ideal mix of fresher and seniors, these blocks have a huge advantage of having lax perm timings.

Pros – Attached Mess (veg. only Mess), cheap, hygienic (twin sharing bath)
Cons – slightly farther away from K.C., horrible ventilation, only Indian toilets (except on top floor)

9th Block MIT Boys Hostel

[Non-AC, attached]

No freshers here, this block has its own juice and coffee stall and an attached mess. Although quite a fair bit far away from K.C., it is very much self-sufficient. Cricket, football and hockey fields are less than 2 minutes walk away. Occupied by 2nd and 3rd years mainly, this is the block where you get all the solved assignments from. With students from all kinds of backgrounds staying here, this block is easy on the pockets and gives a hostel life feel.

Pros – Juice centre, attached mess, cheap, huge capacity, attached bathroom
Cons – Far from K.C.

10th Block MIT Boys Hostel

[Non-AC, Common]

This block is the 2nd biggest college residential building in the whole of Asia. It’s huge. HUGE. No freshers here again, this is a block with all types of rooms – single, double, triple and even dormitories. Mainly occupied by seniors in single rooms, this block is very far from K.C. but is self-sufficient. Nearest mess is a 2 min walk. It has its own Xerox shop and basketball court and the cricket, football and hockey grounds are a 5 min walk. It houses its own gym (which is NOT recommended by the way). The chances of you getting lost in this block are very high.

Pros – single rooms, lots of people, Xerox shop, and basketball court attached
Cons – Very far from K.C., common bath

14th and 15th Block MIT Boys Hostel

[AC/Non-AC, Attached]

Both these blocks are exactly the same except that 14th is A.C. and 15th is primarily Non – AC with the option of A.C. available if you want to have it installed. These blocks, constructed newly, put 5 star hotels to shame. With glass exteriors and each building standing 11 floors high back to back, they will make you feel like you have just been dropped in the middle of a metropolitan city. Looking more like hotels, both interior and exterior, they have narrow corridors and modern furnished rooms with full length mirrors and ready-made cupboards and plate-glass windows. About 30 rooms on each floor for all 11 floors, they have both double and single rooms. There are 3 T.V. rooms in each block equipped with 40 inch LCD panels and satellite television, these are packed during cricket and football matches. Not much scope for getting to know new people here, shift into these blocks only if you already have your friends circle or you want an A.C. room.

Additionally, 14th block has the provision to have a private internet connection in your room if you want to.

Pros – Well furnished rooms, LCD T.V., coffee shop right in front, recently constructed
Cons – Very expensive, lifts can be painstakingly slow due to the huge demand, far from K.C.

16th and 17th Block MIT Boys Hostel

[Non-AC, Attached]

These blocks are no different from 15th blocks. Non – A.C. Single and double rooms with attached bath and the entire hotel (NOT hostel) feel. But its main disadvantage lies in the fact that it is down a slope (we call it “in the valley”). It’s ridiculously far from K.C.  A walk to the college takes more than 20 minutes (walk from 5th or 6th block takes 10 minutes) and the nearest mess is the Food court at K.C. which is a good 10 minutes uphill walk in itself. Buses become your sole means of transport and you will miss classes/dinner if you are not able to catch a bus in time. That said, one of the striking features of this block is the view of the valley from the windows if you get a room facing the open wilderness (on the other side is the 15th block). It’s a view that nature lovers would kill for. Brilliant sunrise with mountains in the background, rooms are better ventilated due to the open areas.

Avoid this block if you are not ready to walk a good 3km (including a mini-trek up a slope 100-200 metres long) everyday just to go to college and back.

Pros – Well furnished interiors, LCD TV rooms, recently constructed, awe – inspiring view
Cons – too far from K.C., no mess nearby, not good value for money

K Block MIT Boys Hostel

[Single, non-AC, Common]

This is a block with single rooms only. It’s almost on K.C. And hence has a very good location. With students from all years occupying this block, it’s comprised of about 4 single floor sub – divisions with about 20 rooms in each. It gives an option in choosing the mess with 3 messes equidistant from it.

Pros – at K.C., nearby mess, excellent net speeds
Cons – very small rooms with low ceilings, attached bath, single rooms only

Ojas (officially known as Ojas – II) MIT Boys Hostel

[AC, attached]

The only seniors block at K.C., its location is its biggest advantage. With only 32 rooms (all double rooms), empty rooms are like hot cakes. Certainly the best block among the MIT hostels in terms of general features, you won’t get a room here easily. All rooms are A.C. and have well furnished modern interiors.This is  the only block to have a balcony for each room.It is the hostel most lax on the general hostel rules and certainly has its “chilled – out” quotient higher than any other block.

Pros – at K.C., close to Swimming Pool, cricket, football and hockey fields’ close by, excellent net speeds, good environment, personal balcony
Cons – expensive

Regency MIT Boys Hostel

[AC, Attached]

Exactly like Ojas but at a completely different location. Previously a hotel, it is situated right in the middle of the college area. For all the people with difficulty in getting up for morning classes, this is the perfect block for you. With the new NLH (academic block) coming up right in front of this block, going to the college would be like crossing the street to reach the other side.

Pros – Inside the College Area.
Cons – Expensive, slightly cut off from K.C. where all the activity is in the evenings.

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