Manipal University Raided by IT Officials

100 2405With the ongoing Utsav celebrations in the campus, a surprise development which went unnoticed by the students and staff of the various institutions was the Income Tax Department raid on the University offices and residence of the Chancellor Dr. Ramdas Pai.

Isn’t this a really shocking development? Just a month ago, everyone was hailing Dr. Ramadas Pai as a visionary, when he was receiving the Padma Vibhushan award from the President of India and now this demoralizing news of impeding an Institutions progress! We respect the Pai family  for bringing revolution in education and becoming a leader in the education sector. We are sure Manipal will tide over this problem too! The Manipal name is something everyone looks up to across the world.

While it is being termed by the University officials that it is a routine inspection, many critics are maintaining that this is the result of bad financial dealings pertaining to admission of foreign students. Ironically with regard to Manipal institutions, their fees structure is more transparent and published in their website as against any other private institution in Karnataka. In fact, they clearly say that the only source of funds for them are the fees paid by the students. All students pay the same fee and the fee structure is listed on their website.

What do you think will be the outcome of this?


  1. OMG!! Dis is somethng which the IT officials must inspect…its our money you see…and also it may have something to do with the tax evasion for the new hostel coming up…

  2. @Tanmay: Manipal University is among the most transparent ones in India. A look into the other universities across the country will show what tax evasion actually is. However, yes, if there is something wrong, then it is time to stop it!

  3. While everything is open, there are some things for which you cannot get any explanation from the university.

    Just to give some examples:
    1)All hostel students are charged an "Establishment fee" of Rs 800 per month, even if they are on vacation during that time.
    2)For those who remember, we were asked to vacate the hostels in the month of December for some conference. Guests who stayed in our rooms were charged the specified rates, however, students were also charged for the electricity consumed by them. Now, this amount was a relatively small amount (Around Rs 200 for AC and 50 or so for non AC rooms), but multiply it by the no. of students and see.
    3)ION seriously seems to be scammy in some way. Their charges are more then private operators, with a lower quality of service

  4. @Dr. Vishaal
    Thats true.
    Its not that there is no tax evasion here, rather its at a smaller percentage. But with such a large amount of money flowing in Manipal, the absolute value of that small percentage is still much larger than the actual value of many other smaller colleges

    Just to add to my previous post, ION probably has a backdoor deal with some of the MU officials

  5. Its clearly known to all that corruption has crept into this system as well!! As mentioned they charge us double the electricity we use and also the ION point is true to the core…not to forget the 'utility charges' which ranges from 20-25K per student!
    And also there have been instances when the room cleaning staff has asked some 'chai-paani' from the students after cleaning their rooms!! Hope that the raid puts some sense in them and puts hold to these increasing antics.


  6. @JOKER

    Without any jiggery-pokery ,there isn't any business.I believe Manipal group is the most transparent one among Indian universities.Without any proof,we shouldn't come to conclusion that something is wrong.But,ya,Manipal should address these issues of ION and Hostel Bills.It is high time they address these issues and preserve the brand Manipal.

    Regarding house-keeping staff,I feel they are the best ones I have ever seen in my life.They are never-rude and easy-going.I am unaware of them asking tips.Maybe it is rare one.We can't generalize based on few incidents..

  7. Such Hush ups are common.. it however doesn't indicate corruption or bribery. Sometimes the parents do not wish their child to be remembered for the wrong reasons! Also, I do not think it is the fault of the University if some one does drugs!
    I second that.Managing manipal group without bringing the brand name down for so long is not an easy thing especially with so many idiots around in the form of bureacrats and politicians as well as faculty and students.

  8. Income Tax Dept has failed to solve Hasan Ali- Kashinath Tapuriah- Amlendu pandey- Shahid Balwa- Vivek Goenka…… link. Everyday SC Chides IT Dept! They beter spare noble ventures like MU and concentrate on real scamsters.

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