A celebration called Manipal: a photo feature

The manipal univeristy inter-college fest is always full of excitement and zilch. I being finally equipped with my newly acquired camera gear, finally decided to take part in one of the events : photography competition

The theme was (as it has always been) Culture of Manipal. So, we shutterbugs, some 30-40 of the participants went of to discover the true culture of manipal and to capture them in frames of our camera.

I personally was not able to find any thing relevant to the theme hence went on for random clicking to discover the beauty of manipal in those 2 hours. Here is what i got….

A beginners luck, i think, this is whats there right in front of the .EDU building. I must say many of you may have not noticed it this way.

It may just have been only 5 minutes in to the competition but I happened to notice the dramatic play of clouds in the sky. That combined with Manipal Ad gave me mine one of the famous pics till date. 🙂

The very (unkn)own .edu building and the central library the we mangaloreans envy.

Another shade of Manipal.

Well, in search for the culture in manipal, this picture fits the most. We have students from over 40 countries studying here in manipal, which truely makes it a hub of a diverse culture. (but I was still away from the shot which i could use for the competition)

KMC Greens, the grass really IS greener on this side (compared to Attavar Greens, mangalore)

I was lucky enough that it didn’t ran away from me until I scared him off.

Inspired by the MU video (summer of 69).

Had a tough luck so far finding that perfect shot for the competition. But in the end got a picture worth the scorching sun overhead and sweat trickling off my head. The picture of the day. Spotted this little girl looking out of the window of the day care center, tears flowing down her cheeks, I wondered what she was crying for.

P.S. : I submitted 3 pics from the above clicks for the competition, dint get any position though but I really enjoyed those 2 hours roaming around in Manipal.

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Pratik Kumar
KMC Mangalore

All the photos are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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