Manipal University Convocation – New Pictures

01. The Heritage Building next to the greens all lit up awaiting the president

The Heritage Building a day before the Manipal Convocation 2010 – All lit up and waiting for the President of India. (Source: Kanwar’s Chronicles)

02. Sun rays at Night Time Lovers Point KMC Greens Manipal
Lovers Point at the KMC Manipal greens – Rather looks like sun rays at night time as it is lit up for the convocation ceremonies.

03. Girls Hostel Manipal Shining Before the President Arrives
The NRI Girls hostel in the Manipal Campus and next to the building is all lit up for the Manipal Convocation 2010. (Source: Kanwar’s Chronicles)

And that27s my degree
A Graduate receives her degree certificate from Smt.Pratibha Devisingh Patil at the 10th Manipal University Convocation.

Develop an inquisitive mind
The President speaketh.

Dignitaries on the Dias
All the dignitaries stand for the National Anthem. The President despite being tired, Stand very straight and proud.

Invitees at the Manipal University Convocation
Dignitaries and VIP Invitees at the 10th Manipal Convocation

Manipal alumni Dr. V.S.Acharya with President Pratibha Patil
Dr.V.S.Acharya an Alumni of Manipal University acknowledges the crowd as the President of India Looks on.

Oath Taking
Graduates take the oath of ethics and conduct at the 10th Manipal Convocation.

Oscar Fernandes at Manipal Convocation
Oscar Fernandes a member of the Parliament watches the function from the front rows at the 10th Manipal university Convocation.

Proud to receive my degree from the President of India
Proud to receive the degree from the President of India.

Research initiatives required
Say no to Drugs!

Say not to Drugs President Pratibha Devisingh Patil
Develop an Inquisitive mind not just book knowledge says the President at the Manipal University Convocation.

The President Arrives in Manipal
The President steps down her Specially arranged Helicopter at the Football Ground – Temporarily converted into a helipad at the End Point Manipal.

The President27s Speech
A moment of Introspection

VIP27s among the invitees
Wait the President is on her way!!

Waiting for the President
Beautiful Manipal Girls at the graduation ceremony
Beautiful Manipal Girls Graduates take an Oath to conduct themselves in ethical manner…

Before the Convocation
Before the Convocation – Awaiting the President and thinking when will the ceremony begin?

Flag Bearers
The Flag Bearers


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