Blood Donation Camp at MIC – Today (26-2-2011)


The students of Communication Management, Manipal Institute of Communication are organizing a blood donation drive in association with Blood Bank, Kasturba Hospital. The drive is to be held on Saturday, 26th February from 9 am to 6 pm in the MIC Campus. We would like to invite all our readers to come and donate blood for the same.

We believe every donation can save a life. Looking forward to your co-operation and support.

Let me tell you Some Facts About How Donating Blood Is Advantageous for Us:

  • When We Donate Blood Our Bone Marrows is Stimulated to Produce New red Blood Cells. This Will Lead Our Heart to Function More Effectively and Actively.
  • The New Blood Formed in our body will be quite Robust and Strong.
  • Blood Donation also Burns our Extra Calories and reduces our cholesterol level.
  • We are Informed about our Blood Type or Any Disease in the Blood in Screening Test.
  • We Feel Good that We Have Done Something Noble and Our Blood Might help To save Someone’s Life. :)
  • We get a Blood Donor card that is valid for 6 Months and It can be used to Get Blood in Case We or Our Relatives are in need of Blood.

For further details and inquiries please contact Date :26th February Time : 9 am to 6 pm

Venue : Manipal institute of Communication
Old Tile Factory Road, Press Corner,
Near Udayvani Building,


  1. Miss those days.. at one point of time.. I was donating blood every 3 months.. on the pretext of getting time off clinics in the morning.. haha!

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