Mangalore Car Festival in Photos – Kodial Teru Photo Feature

All Photos with the StudioXL watermark courtesy मन्जु नीरॆश्वाल्य and Mukesh Kini. Rest are from our personal files. Enjoy.

A sea of Humanity

Abhishekam for Veer Venkatesh
A beautiful composition of the Abhishekham of Lord Veer Venkatesh, the presideing deity  of the Sri Venkataramana Temple , Mangalore. The Abhishekham is a traditional ritual of Bathing the gods, prior to performing any offerings.

Circumlocuting the Chariot
Prior to the ascenscion on to the chariot (teru/car) pradakshine (circumlocution) is performed. This is paying respect to the seat (asana), where the lord is to be placed.

Food for All Comers
All devotees partake of the meal on all five days of the car festival. There is a rich feast, with many varieties of cooked rice, veggies, sweets and many types of bhajjis. Almost 3000 devotees are fed daily for each of the five days of the festivities. The numbers increase on the day of the bigger car festival.

Inside the Chariot
Children love the festivities everywhere around the world. Here a young girl is enjoying being the center of all eyes, sitting next to a silver idol of Hanuman, being taken out in a procession.

Kodial Teru Small Chariot
The sea of Humanity witnessing the pradakshine prior to the ascension on to the chariot. People from all over the world visit the festivities, which is not restricted only to the Gowda Saraswat Brahmans or Hindus. People from all walks of life take part.

Kodial Teru Tattirayu
Huge caricatures/dummies mark the traditional festivities. These are called the Tattirayas (Bamboo/Coir Kings) or Kaladka bombes. As a child I was very much fascinated by them and scared too 🙂

Lending a Hand for Gods Work
All devotees rush forward to help lift the palanquin carrying the idols of Shri Srinivasa and Shri Veera Venkatesha prior to Ratharohana (Ascension into the chariot). The fervour of the devotees is to be seen to be believed!!

Let27s pull together
Everyone wants to pull the chariot. Children are allowed to pull only under guidance.

Night Time Fesitivities
There is a lively band performing on all utsava nights. They play various religious songs and traditional bhajans.

On the Day of the Mangalore Small Car Festival
Devotees pray to the lord as he is taken up the chariot and placed in one of the Rathas or Terus for the night.

A beautiful image of the alankara for the lord.

Another image of the decorations around the idol. Flowers and Gold !!

Settling down in the Chariot
Prior to the chariot being pulled, final touches are applied to the lord’s alankara and everything is made ready for his procession along the car street.

The cynosure of all eyes
A head on view. This was taken prior to the Ratharohana.

The Lord in Ascension Mangalore Car Festival
An up he goes!!

The Silver Palanquin
Prior to the Car Procession, the temple idols are taken around in a silver palanquin daily for 3 days.

The Small Car being pulled
The Kodial Saan Teru

What27s the Fuss about Granpa
The young and the old, all witness the fervour surrounding the festivities.

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