Make 2020 Your Year Through Organisation

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For many of us, to get organized in 2020 is a crucial resolution, because, in our modern world, life is pretty hectic. Most of us tend to feel as though we have a billion and one things to do with zero time to do them, which can very quickly become overwhelming and stressful. Of course, this in itself is unproductive and not at all great for our general mental well-being. In fact, it is thought that there are significant links between disorganisation, depression and anxiety.

Getting organised in 2020 is not only going to help your day to day life to run more swimmingly but also subsequently help you to feel calmer and more relaxed. 

Get A Planner or Calendar

A key step to becoming better organised is getting (and using) a planner or calendar, so that you can write down all your appointments, classes, clubs and general plans in one specific place. You can, of course, also use the digital calendar in your phone or tablet.

Having all your plans written or typed down will help you to work out when you are free to do others things, and prevent you from forgetting about your arrangements, so long as you remember to take a look at your daily schedule regularly. 

Write Lists – Get Organized

Writing down shopping lists, to-do-lists and any other sort of list that might be of use to you will help you to remember all the crucial things you need to remember and get organized. They don’t take long to write but help you to keep on top of things. Nothing is more frustrating than forgetting something at the supermarket and having to drive back for it or completely forgetting to send off that very important email. 

Take Some Downtime

A large part of being more organised is having a more relaxed outlook. Being organised should help you to have a calmer mind, but having a calmer mind will also help you to get organized. It goes both ways. Be sure to regularly take time to relax, watch your favourite film, take a walk or enjoy some quiet time playing on some new bingo sites. This downtime will give you an opportunity to reflect on what you have already achieved, and what you would like to achieve still.

Often the best time to write your shopping and to-do lists is after a couple of hours spent relaxing, doing whatever it is that makes you feel distressed and in a more productive mindset.

Keep Your Room or Home Tidy

We all know that horrible closing-in feeling you feel when your kitchen counters are covered, your hallway is clogged, and you can’t find anything. Sometimes the house being messy is enough in itself to make our headspace feel chaotic. Doing the dishes every evening before bed can feel like a real slog when all you want to do is sleep, but you will feel a lot more on top of things in the morning when the kitchen is already sparkling clean.

Being tidy of course also makes finding things much easier. If your wardrobe is a mess and stuffed full of lots of old clothes that you no longer even wear, getting dressed in the morning is sure to feel stressful and pretty chaotic.

Taking the time to tidy and clean our personal space is a big part of being better organised overall. If you have excess clutter kicking about in your cupboards and draws, clear it out to make things a lot easier for yourself.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for a Helping Hand

Frankly, a lot of us aren’t too great at asking for help when we need it most. Sometimes, especially if you’ve fallen into a little bit of a rut, you just need to ask people for a helping hand in order to get more organised and on top of things in the long run, whether that be a friend, your partner, or even your kids. Don’t place all the pressure on yourself. If the house is really messy, get the family to do their share of the tidying.

If you need to clear your wardrobe out but just don’t know where to start, ask a friend to pop over and give you some advice on which clothes to keep and which to scrap. Getting yourself more organised doesn’t have to be a lone mission by any means.

Whilst working on your organisation in 2020 might sound a little daunting a first, it will be well worth it in the long run, and taking things step-by-step should make the process pretty easy and manageable overall. The power of organisation can definitely take you a long way and help to make 2020 the best year yet.

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